Using a Durable Mattress Cover to Protect Your Investment

To ensure you get to enjoy many years of happy and hygienic use from your mattress, protect your investment with an elegant and durable mattress cover. Not only does it help keep your mattress safe and clean, it also offers a flexible sense of style to your rooms.

What Is a Mattress Cover?

Just think what your mattress puts up with on a daily basis. Whether on your daybed, futon, chaise lounge or bed, it's at the mercy of spills, dust mites, perspiration and other contaminants that can damage its fabric and core. That's what makes quality mattress covers so important.

At the same time, we have durable mattress covers in a range of tempting designs, colors and fabrics that offer you the flexibility to enhance your interior and outdoor spaces. You can choose patterns that harmonize with your bedroom furniture. Since they're removable, you can switch them out with ease to create your desired look.

One nice design strategy is to change your covers to reflect the mood of the season. Choose from subtle color palettes for winter and switch to bright patterns for the spring, for example. You can also pile up your favorite throw pillows or bed pillows with bright and breezy shams for a soft, inviting look.

Types of Mattress Covers

Quality mattress covers come in two main types. Fitted options slip on top to form a protective barrier, while zippered models enclose cushions completely, keeping them clean and in pristine shape. Both types are easy to remove and machine-washable.

Some models protect against allergens such as bed bugs and dust mites, but aren't impervious to moisture. Others are waterproof and effectively seal the mattress against all kinds of liquids. Still other durable mattress covers have absorbent fibers bonded to a membrane to keep liquids out.

Non-waterproof Cover Materials

Cotton is a popular fabric for durable mattress protectors, owing to its softness and hypoallergenic properties. Breathable terry cotton is a perennial favorite, as it's breathable and cool. Cotton can also be chemically treated for extra protection against pests.

Another favorite material is polyester, which is durable, easy to wash and fast drying. Eco-friendly choices include Tencel lyocell, a natural fiber with breathable and hypoallergenic qualities, and bamboo, another gentle natural material.

Waterproof Cover Materials

Polyurethane is a durable, synthetic material that's both waterproof and breathable, which makes it cool while blocking the entry of mites and moisture. Thicker than polyurethane, vinyl creates an effective barrier against bugs and mites. It also retains heat, making it snug to the touch.

One nice way to get the softness of cotton allied to impermeability is via a cotton cover fitted with a waterproof membrane. Another benefit is that these types of mattress covers are breathable. Some durable mattress protectors also feature a performance fabric as an outer layer to wick away heat and moisture.

Decorative Covers for Mattresses

Decorative types of mattress covers, which adorn as well as protect, come in all the standard materials, along with a few intriguing ones of their own. These include denim, faux leather, pure chenille, damask, suede, tapestry and many other fabrics that add a touch of sumptuous texture to any setting. Add a few throw pillows and you'll have a space to be proud of.

These durable mattress covers also come in a stunning range of styles and colors. Choose from graphic patterns on white or neutral backgrounds to match a traditional decor, vivid solid colors that can be accented with romantic throw pillows, or medallion prints in bold colors for a more worldly aesthetic. Check out our extensive range of practical and stylish bedroom furniture collections for inspiration.

Mattress Cover Sizes for Beds

Covers for beds come in standard mattress dimensions: twin, full, queen and king size. You also need to consider the pocket depth (thickness) of your mattress. Sizes range from 6 inches up to 24 inches for deep pocket models, and it's essential to get the right size cover for a proper fit. Items designed for use with daybeds and loungers either feature standard bed sizes or are custom made for particular brands and models.

Covers for Daybeds

Daybeds and indoor chaise lounges feature mattresses that can benefit from the use of protectors to keep them free from dust mites, pet dander, and perspiration. These covers come in enticing styles and can help a daybed look more like a sofa, especially when adorned with some cushions with colorful shams and pillowcases.

Buying Durable Mattress Covers for Outdoor Use

Sun loungers and outdoor chaise lounge mattresses can benefit from protection from the elements, perspiration, food and chemicals such as sunscreen. Using slipcovers and replacement cushions helps keep your valuable outdoor furniture pristine whatever the weather or occasion.

Investing in quality mattress covers for your daybed or bed or for outdoor use pays rich dividends by extending the active life of the mattress and helping create a pleasant and healthy environment for sleeping or relaxing. You can also choose one of the stylish items in our assortment to create a sense of luxurious elegance and help create the home of your dreams.