Useful Rolling Cart Ideas That Work Double Time

You have a bar cart you roll out to serve drinks on special occasions, but you'd like to get some rolling cart ideas for arranging it and using it for everyday purposes, too. We like a rolling cart that can hide or whisk away clutter anywhere just as well as it lets the spirits float in and out of the room. You can easily organize a rolling bar, as well as your home, to make you look like the "hostess with the mostest" when you buy a rolling cart unit that displays simplicity of style and storage.

Raising the Bar

The most popular use of rolling carts is as bar carts for serving drinks at home. We think the ideal modern rolling cart for your house should be easy to push and also accent your decor, whether it's chrome polished to match the lamps or a dark wood that goes with the bookshelves. When you buy a rolling cart, make sure it has enough space to hold all your bar basics.

Keep the bottom shelf cool with a chilled ice bucket big enough to hold a few pounds of ice and a scooper. Use the bucket to hold individually bottled drinks such as craft beers or specialty sodas for teetotalers, or just reserve the ice for use in mixed cocktails. Maintain seltzer and juice for mixing drinks in this area, too. Store wine and large liquor bottles on the bottom and bring them up as needed.

The middle shelf is the ideal place to store drink glasses. We like a supply that includes versatile wine flutes for any type of wine, cocktails glasses, beer mugs and short glasses for drinks on the rocks.

The top shelf is where the magic happens, so make the area simple and attractive. For decorative rolling cart ideas, include a vase with fresh flowers or a jar with seasonally scented sprigs. Of course, you'll need to store necessary items for easy access, such as a cocktail shaker, spoons, a bottle opener, a corkscrew and a foil cutter, along with other select tools. For flavor and variety, we like the idea of placing garnishes, such as mint or lemon and syrups on the top.

A Kitchen Made to Order: Rolling Utility Carts for Baking

Your kitchen is your favorite place, but, alas, your beloved land of baking has no island, only a lonely peninsula of a countertop. We share your desire for more work area. If your culinary creations are high on flavor but low on space, we recommend you use storage carts that work wonders for kitchen management.

To make a baking station, fill the top shelf of your rolling utility cart with items you use every time you enter your domain. Tools such as measuring cups and spoons, spatulas and whisks all need easy access, as do any chopping prep items for the recipe. Consider including a stand for a cookbook or a tablet. We prefer to buy rolling carts with side handles that let you attach towels for quick mopping up of messes. Some handles even allow space for strapping on cutting boards.

The second shelf should include room for jars and storage containers for common baking ingredients such as flour and sugar. You'll want to leave space to put a basket for smaller items such as baking powder, soda and salt. We enjoy having a compact spice rack at this level and then moving individual ingredients to the top as needed.

The bottom of a durable rolling cart supports heavier items such as metal trays and pans, plus large bowls and selected heavy kitchen appliances, perhaps a food processor. Make sure the items don't slide off by placing down anti-stick matting.

Rocking the Rolling Around the House

Besides the kitchen and the bar, a handy utility rolling cart serves double duty as a household room organizer. In the living room and bedroom, we like to use a rolling cart to hide clutter and make important items accessible.

In the bedroom, a rolling cart with a basket acts like a nightstand. Buy a rolling cart that matches your current bedroom furniture with a top surface large enough for a reading lamp. If you're always losing your keys or wallet, place small colorful baskets on top of the cart so you can remember to put them in the same spot, or designate a compartment for personal effects. Use other compartments for things you need at night, such as reading glasses or medicines. Plant holders are another rolling cart idea for your bedroom. Unique globe terrariums work well as natural color in the bedroom. Small houseplants and internationally inspired art objects make attractive decor, too.

Transform your cluttered living room by finding a modern rolling cart that has enough room for big baskets to hold all the toys and tech your family uses. There's always someone misplacing cords for computers and cell phones. Stay sane and maintain easy cord access with some rolling cart ideas such as a designated shelf with personalized baskets that store connections. Your family can stow larger items such as tablets or laptops in sizable baskets, too, or flat on one of the shelves.

If you find yourself constantly stepping on little plastic horses or action figures, let your children learn to pick up and put away toys by showing them how to place items in a large lower basket on your rolling utility cart. We're inspired by the idea that you can also create a repository for kids' books on the shelves, so they can grab their favorite read and put it back in place instead of leaving them in random spots around the house.

Rolling carts are a versatile essential that do double duty to save you work at home. For modern entertaining, a properly stocked bar cart is a classic that serves social gatherings nicely. Going beyond the bar yields clever rolling cart ideas, too. Whether you want to use a rolling cart to maximize your kitchen baking space, decorate your bedroom with an easy nightstand or make more storage for common living areas, when you buy rolling carts from our stylish and functional collection, you will roll along happily.