I Do: Unique Wedding Gifts for a Country Wedding

If you're looking for a list of unique wedding gifts that are ideal for couples throwing country weddings, it's important to choose things they will love and use for a long time. To do this, consider the overall theme of the ceremony and/or reception — it usually highlights the bride and groom's personality and tastes — so you already know that couples who throw country-style weddings love the appearance of rustic items. 

Dishes, Cookware, Bakeware, and Small Appliances

Items for the kitchen are wedding gifts that never seem to go out of style. In fact, chances are, pretty much every list of Top 10 Wedding Gifts you read includes dishes, cookware, bakeware, or small kitchen appliances at least once.

When shopping for kitchen-related wedding gifts, consider the couple’s personal style. Those having a country-themed ceremony and reception are sure to enjoy dishes with paisley patterns, a wooden cutting board, or any type of glassware set that incorporates a mason jar theme. If you're looking for unique wedding gifts, but like the idea of purchasing kitchen-related items, consider putting a slight spin on the present you choose by purchasing a specific item and accessories that complement it. For example, give the happy couple a French coffee press with coordinating coffee mugs sporting a rustic look. When looking for country-themed presents, also consider bakeware or cookware sets in deep red, burned orange, or turquoise — all colors commonly associated with country or rustic themes.

Home Decor

If the newlyweds recently purchased a home or they’re planning to in the near future, buy wedding gifts that help them decorate their house. Country-style home decor items are fairly easy to find and are the types of wedding gifts they will truly appreciate. Choose pieces that have a rustic or shabby chic appearance or slightly distressed wooden furniture. Your friends who love the typical country style will also enjoy decorating their home with things such as wooden chests, tin stars, or wooden ladders. If you're shopping for gifts by occasion, look for candles, wicker baskets, and linens that make ideal gifts.

Some of the best wedding gifts are presents that show the couple just how much thought you put into them. For couples having a country-themed celebration, accomplishing this is as simple as purchasing a quilt and having their names and wedding date embroidered on it. You can also purchase a matching quilt rack so it’s easy for them to display it in their home.

Personalized Unique Wedding Gifts

When you're looking for perfect wedding gifts, consider purchasing a personalized item or even making a customized present for the happy couple. Making unique wedding gifts is simple. Some ideas include painting the lyrics to the song they chose for their first dance on a metal sign or making a shadow box filled with items that represent their love. If you don’t have an especially close relationship with the bride and groom, consider having “Mr.” and “Mrs.” embroidered on new flannel shirts. The flannel shirts stick to the country theme and you effectively personalize them with a simple title that represents them.

Create a Gift

Go for wedding gift trends for your friends or family members planning a country-themed ceremony, and create something that highlights the couple's personality. When you create a gift, the packaging you choose is just as important as the present itself. Farmhouse-style baskets, galvanized buckets, and baskets made from chicken wire are ideal wedding gifts because after opening your present, the newlyweds can use the basket around their house — these options are the best wedding gifts for homes with country decor. Alternatively, choose a natural apple basket or wrap your present in some cute rustic wrapping paper for a personal touch.

There are several types of wedding gifts that are simple to make. Use a piece of stained, distressed wood to make a lovely photo display or piece of wall art. Alternatively, fill a basket with items for the bride and groom's kitchen or candles and other small items they can use around their house, such as photo frames and knickknacks. Include a gift card with your basket so the couple can choose their own present and get exactly what they need. When choosing the items to place in your basket, look for things that have a natural, rustic appearance. Also, consider the color of the items you choose. Typically, couples who have country-style decor in their home are partial to deep browns, barnyard reds, creamy whites, and dark blues. Turquoise, plum, burned orange, and mustard yellow are also popular choices with those who prefer a trendier, rustic look.

Shopping for unique wedding gifts for couples who are having a country-themed wedding is easy. Look for home decor or kitchen items that have country-inspired patterns or colors or make a present that you know the newlyweds will appreciate for a long time to come.