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Unique Plush Toys for the Collector in Your Family

Chances are, the people on your gift-giving list have a variety of interests and hobbies they are passionate about. While it's nice to try to accommodate all these interests, it's not always possible. However, when you have someone on your list that collects out of the ordinary plush figures, your job becomes much easier. You have the choice of hundreds of distinctive styles, allowing you to find one that speaks to the recipient specifically. Though plush toys are easy to find, the key is to find one that has the individually to add to their collection.

So, exactly what is a plush toy and what makes it collectible? A plush toy can come in many shapes and sizes, from animals to emojis to plain shapes like circles and squares. In order to be truly collectible, it needs to come from a set of some kind that has a fixed number of items in it. However, some people don't pay attention to sets, and simply collect because they like the piece or style, or even just a specific animal. If you still aren’t sure which one to pick, check out a few of these tips before you buy plush toys to add to their collection.

Find Out What the Collector Likes

Before you start shopping, the best way to find the right unique plush toy is to see what they like the most. There may be a favorite animal or stuffed character from a television show that they appreciate, making it easy for you to choose the right toy. With major comic books and movies, finding a cool plush toy is easy, though there are many variations that help you to find one that suits the receiver’s personality. Maybe they collect only penguins or bears. This knowledge of the collector will help you choose just the right gift.

What Makes a Toy Unique?

While you already know what a plush toy is, you may still need to figure out what makes one unique. Each toy has distinctive features to consider, though you need to decide first on what it’s going to be. Stuffed animals are the most popular choice among collectors since there are so many different mammals, birds, reptiles, and more to choose from. As you look through the different animal options, consider whether your family member would prefer a realistic or cartoon version of a plush toy.

Once you narrow down the animal or other stuffed character to buy, you need to figure out the right size and material that make the gift stand out. Unique plush toys come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from ones small enough to fit in a pocket, to those large enough to become a major fixture in a room. Many offer faux fur, corduroy, or knitted materials, which contribute to the decision. However, if the family member you buy for is preschool age or younger, your safest choice is corduroy.

The final aspect of all plush toys is the markings. Realistic animals feature the same markings and colors as the original animals, which is what makes the design so special. When you choose gifts for kids or the young at heart, they might prefer the crazy and fun colors that look nothing like the original animal, giving you the chance to seek out a unique plush toy that matches the recipient’s favorite colors.

Customize It

Though most places produce many styles of unique plush toys, you don't want a gift that looks exactly like something everyone else has. Look for ones that have features or colors that make it stand out from the crowd and from the rest of the items in your loved one’s collection. If you give an animal or cartoon character, dressing it up in little doll clothing, finding blankets and toys to pair with it, or sewing in the name of the recipient can make it a one-of-a-kind piece for your loved one to treasure. Even a ribbon tied around the neck of a plush toy lets you add a personal touch.

Choosing a Collectible Toy for Adults

Collectible plush toys for an adult and those for a child are very different from one another. With children, you need to account for the durability of the present, so it withstands the constant handling, throwing, and playing. Safety is also a concern based on the child's age. With adults, you are free to choose from delicate and antique pieces that stand out. You have more versatility, opening the door for fun items with electronic features, articulated joints, and accessories. If you see many different pieces that suit the recipient's collection, create a gift set with all of them for a major boost to their unique plush toy inventory. 

Finding the ideal unique plush toys to give someone is an easy task, as long as you know what to look for. Take the time to check in with the family member and learn more about the types of stuffed figures they enjoy collecting. When you give this type of present, you give much more than just a cuddly gift to decorate a room; you give something that reminds them of you every time they see it. Be sure to look at all the options available, and choose from some of the most popular plush toys to add to their collection.