Unique Lawn Furniture Ideas for Every Yard 

You spent a considerable amount of time, money, and effort to get your front and back yards looking exactly the way you want them, but if something seems missing, it could be lawn furniture. When considering tables and chairs to use outside your home, look for options that are decorative as well as functional and weatherproof. You also want to choose lawn furniture designs that won't damage your lawn if you plan to place the furniture directly on the grass. 

Lightweight Lawn Options 

You can find lightweight outdoor seating and lounge furniture that rests gently on your grass. Consider pieces with large, stable legs or curved pieces that don't dig into the ground. For a beautiful and easy solution, try picking a patch of lawn that you're willing to give up for your furniture. Lay some deck tiles down in a square or rectangular shape, and then choose whatever outdoor furniture that speaks to you. Having a stable surface allows you to add lawn furniture like wooden rocking chairs and metal benches to fit your outdoor style without worrying about your lawn. 

Weather a Storm With Wicker 

Wicker furniture is classic, so it's always in style. You can find plenty of outdoor wicker furniture that, with proper care, looks great year after year. If you have outdoor game equipment that you need to put away, consider a resin wicker storage chest to store the games when you're not using them. This unique lawn furniture piece can double as extra seating outside.

Resin wicker is one of the most durable lawn furniture materials you can buy, and you can find it in tight or open weaves, bright colors, and elegant styles to suit all tastes and settings. Is weatherproof and easy to maintain so you can use it frequently and wipe down with a damp cloth as needed. Because it is also lightweight, you can move and rearrange these pieces easily for special events or just as the mood strikes you. 

Outdoor Sectional Options 

When you're concerned about potential damage to your grass from outdoor furniture pieces, consider sectionals. Generally, these pieces are large squares that don't have pointed legs, so they're not going to aerate your lawn where you don't want aeration. Create a cozy outdoor living space by adding an incandescent lamp to one of the accent tables to make it look inviting. Or, add a long backless bench behind one of the outdoor sectional couches to use for tall potted plants to provide a lush backdrop to your furniture.

Sectionals can be used as dining furniture pieces on your lawn by adding a few small tables for guests to use for plates and drinks. Alternatively, you could use TV trays or laptop tables to work the same way they do in your living room to provide places for eating. A bistro table with chairs is a great addition to any lawn, and it makes a comfy spot for tea or coffee as the sun rises or sets. There are plenty of lawn furniture ideas out there that can work for your situation, and you're only limited by your imagination.

Lounge on Your Lawn 

If you're more interested in kicking back and enjoying the warmth of summer or a cool breeze when the sun sets, a lounger might be more your style when you're thinking of new lawn furniture ideas. Whether you opt for the classic chaise lounge with wooden wheels for easy transport or Adirondack chairs in bold colors, both should be easy on your lawn.

Make sure you keep some outdoor accent furniture like small tables nearby. Another good option is to buy a couple of plant stands. These tiered shelf-like stands can hold potted herbs or flowers and a book, sunglasses, and a drink. If you like the idea of having a unique exterior space, consider an outdoor serving cart. You can find some that have wheels and slanted legs, and they provide you a great spot for lunch or drinks while you're enjoying your garden.

Outdoor Entertaining 

Another unique lawn furniture idea is to add an outdoor bar and a couple of bar stools. For a more formal serving situation, buy a wooden serving cart. You can fill up the cart with drinks and snacks, and then wheel it out to your guests. Or, you can keep it casual and simple by using the cart as a side table and permanent fixture on your lawn. These pieces are attractive and functional, which makes entertaining outdoors easy and fun.

Place a privacy screen next to your lawn furniture to help create a division between two sections or offer privacy from neighbors. These outdoor lawn furniture designs also lend more beauty to your yard and increased functionality. Hang string lights on the screen for some ambient lighting to set the mood in the evening.

Unique lawn furniture is a fantastic way to punctuate the beauty of your yard. Check out our one-of-a-kind pieces that accentuate your lawn, garden, and home and show off your personality.