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Make a Bold Statement with These Unique Kitchen Tables for Small Spaces

Kitchen tables are often one of the most used furniture selections in any small space. When looking for a piece that suits the area, there are some unique kitchen tables for small spaces that will meet every need. From retro styling to modern contemporary forms, the range of choices complement even the tightest fit.

Break Away From Traditional Shapes

When people think of kitchen tables for small spaces, their first thought might be standard circular or rectangular shapes. There are actually a wide variety of shapes that break the mold. Depending on the limitation of the space, these unique forms might turn out to be a better choice that saves room for other items or decor. Curving as well as swirling designs establish quirky motifs. Tables that are wider at one end show off a tapered shape that opens up an area. If size is extremely limited, smaller end tables or coffee tables in unique shapes make a fun choice for life in a dorm.

Reach New "Heights"

A kitchen table's height is important because it means comfort and convenience. While standard heights work in many situations, looking towards counter and custom heights might reveal something even better for you own space. Counter heights reach a higher level and usually require a stool or higher chair to reach its main surface. Custom heights are an excellent choices for tables that will be used by children. People with special medical needs may also benefit from a table specially crafted for items such as wheelchairs.

More Than Just Wood and Glass

Table materials can define a space and showcase its design elements. From plastic to oak, unique kitchen tables for small spaces can be an extension of your own style. The best kitchen tables for small spaces often highlight a theme or motif. A common way of doing this is to combine materials into unique creations. Using more than one material can create a surprising contrast or blend into a area; it all depends on the decor that surrounds the table.

Unique MaterialsAdvantagesTips
GraniteGranite comes in a variety of colors. The contrasting elements create a striking look that highlights any kitchen table.Try wood dining chairs or dining benches to create a natural look.
PlasticPlastic in all its forms is easy to clean. These tabletops are great for families with young children.Formica is a fun throwback material. Pair it with a metal base or chairs.
MarbleMarble offers a sense of elegance and sophistication that is often seen in the best kitchen tables for small spaces. It's a timeless material that is strong enough for daily use.Marble can be used among casual decor. The material's lighter tones work well in contemporary settings.
Stainless SteelThis durable material is made to resist everything from moisture to fingerprints. Modern kitchen tables for small spaces utilize stainless steel to create a striking contemporary look.Use it for kitchen prep. After a quick cleanup, turn it into a contemporary themed serving space. Because of its versatility, the surface can stand up to any cleaning product, including bleach.
CopperCopper brings a warm red tone to the surface. When it comes to durability, this material can handle anything, while maintaining a rustic finish that is perfect for farmhouse decor.Worn finishes make copper even more appealing. Look for finishes that feature a bit of oxidation or discoloration when building up a natural or country motif.

Take A Seat

Even the best kitchen tables for small spaces need the right seating to make them work at their potential. Anyone searching for a new table should measure its height as well as width. Getting these dimensions ensure a better match that keeps everything well within reach and gives a person's knees that all important space while under the table. These figures also help determine how many people can comfortably sit at the table in one session. It's more than just chairs that can make up seating. When considering how a kitchen table will fit into a small space, benches or even bar stools might make a better seating choice. Many dining room collections even offer combinations of chairs and benches to accommodate the table's seating needs.

Temporary and Permanent Solutions

A kitchen table doesn't have to be a permanent addition to any space. As with most small spaces furniture, compact kitchen tables are often lightweight enough to move with yours needs. Temporary solutions can quickly fold away or be placed to the side. While some choices feature fold up legs, other unique kitchen tables for small spaces are fitted with a space in the center that allows the table top to bend. Permanent choices stay in place but can have wheels added for better movement. Instead of casters, certain versions may use disk or a slick material along the legs.

The best kitchen tables for small spaces combine form and function. Their unique designs and special details make them an excellent choice when space is limited. Check out these creative dining tables to see how they transform any area.