5 Unique Graduation Gifts for the DIYer

Your favorite DIYer is graduating, and this major accomplishment calls for a unique graduation gift. Send your loved one off to their next big adventure with a gift that lets them make the most of their free time. There are tons of ways to express creativity through DIY projects, from photography and gardening to art and coloring. This list of graduation gifts is full of fun DIY presents that are sure to hit the right note.

1. Make Memories With a Scrapbooking Set

Those who love to remember the high points in life often enjoy the fun that comes with a full scrapbook. Depending on how well you know your recipient; there are two ways you can give a scrapbooking graduation party gift. For a grab-and-go option, look into premade scrapbooking sets. These products typically center on one theme and include multiple pages, stickers, and pens. A themed scrapbook kit is an ideal way to give a gift by occasion.

If you want a slightly more personalized graduation gift, put together a scrapbooking kit that speaks to your recipient's interests. You can go with a graduation theme and get scrapbook pages in their alma mater's colors, throw in a few sheets of graduation stickers, and include some memorabilia from the school.

There are a lot of ways to dress up this unique graduation gift. Add brush markers, high-end pens, sharp craft scissors, or a gift card for photo printing.

2. Show Off Photos With Picture Frames

If your loved one always has a camera in hand, give them the chance to display their best prints with a set of nice picture frames. Whether they're headed off to more schooling or the workplace, picture frames that highlight their work help them feel proud of their accomplishments.

This graduation party gift is excellent for both hobby photographers and those dipping their toes into professional photography. There are tons of frame options, so spend some time thinking about your loved one's style and favorite colors while selecting a graduation gift to buy. Simple single-color frames let the photos speak for themselves. Rustic metal ones provided a bit of vintage charm and offer warmth to a room. Frames also come in a range of bold hues to suit any decor.

3. Stay Organized With DIY Storage Graduation Gifts

One of the most common issues that DIYers go up against is storage. Whether your friend's activity of choice is scrapbooking, coloring, woodworking, or something else, a comprehensive storage solution graduation gift can make their crafting time even more enjoyable.

To make the most of this graduation gift, it's important to be familiar with your recipient's space and crafting setup. If they have minimal storage in place and their space is full of boxed supplies, go big with a rolling cart. Carts typically have three or four shelves or removable drawers, letting your friend find the organizational setup that works for them. This unique graduation gift is an excellent solution for the recipient with limited space since they can remove the drawer or shelf they need and bring it to their work area.

Perhaps they already have an organizational system in place but could do with some more containers. Unique graduation gifts like pencil cups, desk organizers, and storage boxes make all the difference when craft supplies run amok.

Part of being a DIYer is not being able to pass up a good deal, so their areas are often packed to the gills with projects just waiting to come to life. Help your new graduate use their free time more efficiently with a graduation gift of organizational tools.

4. Relax With Coloring Books and Art Supplies

Reaching graduation means handling a hectic schedule and juggling multiple responsibilities. What better graduation gift can you give a new graduate than relaxation? Coloring and creating art are two of the most popular activities for DIYers.

If your loved one is new to the crafting world and loves the guided nature of coloring books, pick out some coloring kits that fit their interests. A high-quality set of brush markers, pens, or colored pencils rounds out this graduation gift. Coloring books also make handy thank-you gifts.

A plain sketchbook is an excellent choice for the graduate who likes a bit more freedom in their art. Whether your loved one spends time designing fashion, pulling sketches from their imagination, or creating comics, a new sketchbook is the perfect canvas.

You can expand your graduation gift search with specialized gift sets. Do-it-yourself henna kits and paint-by-number sets are just a couple of the art kits available.

5. Bring Nature Indoors With Terrarium Graduation Party Gifts

Help your new graduate create their own little piece of nature with a graduation gift of a terrarium set. No matter what the weather is like where they live, they can grow a variety of plants with a terrarium. To give your loved one everything they need to nurture their green thumb, start with a terrarium box. Select one that fits their decor and their available space. Add succulents, potting soil, sand, rocks, and small decorations. Not only does a blooming terrarium make amazing home decor, it's very relaxing to tend to your own little garden.

Your new graduate is about to set off on a path of growth and discovery. Show your support and pride with a carefully chosen top graduation gift. With our creative picks for DIYers, find graduation gifts to buy that seem like they were handpicked for the ones you love.