Fruitful Ideas on Unique Fruit Gifts

Turn to unique fruit gifts to find just the right present for a loved one. While stationery or personalized writing utensils make ideal gifts for some, board games and group activities work better for others, but what if you're not sure what they like? Since every person is different, you need to find a way to combine their passions into gifts that show how much you care, and there’s one way that you can almost never go wrong – food.

Giving a food gift doesn’t mean that you need to bake something in the kitchen. Instead, find a gift basket with all the different goodies that the recipient could want. While the best fruit gifts won’t last forever, if you package it in a stylish basket, they'll have a lasting piece to remember you by long after the last delicious bite is gone. Fruit is an ideal snack for friends on a diet or family members with a sweet tooth. Since it's more practical than flowers, a fruit gift may be the best gift of all during the holidays or for any special occasion.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of the most common fruit gift ideas since it gives both a beautiful aesthetic and a considerable amount of nutrition. With this juicy goodness, the recipient gets to indulge in an easy snack while at work or home, all while remembering how thoughtful your gift is. Choosing a fresh fruit gift means that the receiver needs to eat the treats soon after you give it, so base the size of the basket off the number of people that you want to serve.

Buying fresh fruit gifts usually means that you receive a combination of produce like apples, oranges, pears, and other subtle flavors. Check on the treats that your friend enjoys the most to ensure that you pick the right gift for their preferences. If you are unsure, choose a unique fruit gift basket that offers multiple distinct types to select from, giving variety to satisfy whatever craving they may have.

Dried Fruit

If you want to give someone a treat that will last a little longer, choose a fruit gift that involves dried fruit. The process of drying preserves many of the nutrients of the produce, but the lack of moisture ensures that the snack will last longer. No matter the size of the gift set, all the fruit gifts inside are sure to be a hit.

Dried fruit is also the perfect option for people who like to eat on the go. Even if they keep the basket at home, these fruit gifts let them take a bundle in their hands or even a baggie to snack on while between clients or while heading to work. The dried fruits have a slightly different taste and texture than fresh ones, and they are often sweeter since their sugars are more concentrated.

Fruit and Cheese

One of the great parts about buying a unique fruit gift is that there are plenty of ways to change it up. Rather than looking for a wider selection of fruits, blend the treats in the basket with some of the diverse cheeses available. Some gift sets already have specific cheeses included, making your choices simple.

The easiest cheeses to pair with any fruit include jack cheese, brie, and Monterey Jack. Jack cheese offers a semi-soft texture and is close to the flavor that American muenster offers. Brie is soft enough to spread, offering a nutty taste that some people even compare to mushrooms. Monterey jack cheese is a little different since it’s a drier version of jack cheese.

If your fruit gift doesn’t pair well with a cheese that the recipient likes, try adding something else, like cookies or jerky. The whole point of offering an edible gift is to find a snack that your loved one or friend will enjoy while supporting their nutritional needs. Whether you combine it with cheese, cookies, crackers, or something else, keep the receiver’s personal preferences in mind during the selection.

Put it Together Yourself

While there are lots of premade fruit gift sets available, it's often nice to make it that much more personal by creating your own gift basket. This lets you choose the vessel to hold your produce and other items, as well as making sure you are getting the freshest fruit and most original accompaniments. Choose a stylish and modern basket or a rustic and fun galvanized bucket to hold your selected goodies. Add some tissue paper and the right bow on top will add to any festive occasion.

Top It Off

With these snack time goodies, you may want to top off the fruit gift with a wine. Wines go perfectly with fruit for one main reason – wine comes from fruit. Red and white wines tend to go well with anything if you match the subtly of the fruit with the matching qualities in wine. Pears and apples are subtle options, which consumers can bring out with a blend like Pino Grigio. However, if the taste is more tart and bold, like that of strawberries and mangos, Pinot Noir suits the pairing better. To help the receiver make their choice, add a bottle or two of wine when you present them with a fruit gift basket.

Finding someone a delicious gift for the holidays, an anniversary, or any other event is a delicious way to show how much you value them. Even though there are many fruit gifts to choose from, it’s all about knowing how to find the best one. Do your personal research about the person or the office staff to decide the best combination of cheese, wine, and fruit gifts. If there isn't one that already has all the items that your loved one enjoys, take the time to make one yourself instead. For a more personal touch, add different chocolates and other treats that you know they love as well.