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Unique Dining Tables for Small Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of a home, but the dining room is an extension of that—even if you live in the tiniest apartment or house. You can find unique dining tables for small spaces that fit your style and your home. After all, a dining table is a necessity because it's where you share your stories over a cup of coffee; where you break bread with loved ones and new friends. Your dining room table can tie a whole room—or home—together. You don't have to compromise on style to find a table or set that fits in your home. Some of the best dining tables for small spaces are stylish, functional, and affordable. 

Before You Buy

As tempting as it is to jump online or drive to a store to start shopping, you should first arm yourself with helpful information about dining tables for small spaces before you begin your search. You want to make sure the dining room table you fall in love with will fit in your space and complement your home's style.

Measure Twice, Shop Once

Working with smaller spaces means you must carefully measure the spot you want to fill. Additionally, you should be sure you leave enough space around the table or dining set so there are walkways. Once you have your measurements, consider the number of people you need to seat, and you'll be almost ready to shop the best dining tables for small spaces.

Consider Your Personal Style

You aren't relegated to one style just because you need to maximize space in your home. Consider the style of your kitchen and living room. Is it shabby chic, farmhouse, classic, or simple? You can find all these styles of dining tables for small spaces.

Shape Matters

Many modern dining tables for small spaces can seat several people. For example, a round table can theoretically seat more than a square table, if you choose one that has a narrow leg. If your goal is to maximize the space you have and only seat two or three people, a square or rectangular table can easily be pushed into a corner or against a wall, which opens the space a bit more.

Material Gains

Whether you prefer natural wood, metal, glass, or plastic, you can find a dining table in the material you like. You can also find mixed materials in dining tables for small spaces that give you the look you want that you can't achieve with just wood or only glass. Plus, the materials you choose all have benefits and fit into various styles:





Classic, traditional, modern

Durable, easy to clean, fits with any decor


Modern, contemporary

Easy to clean, strong, no staining


Contemporary, modern, industrial

Lightweight, resists stains


Modern, whimsical

Lightweight, kid friendly

Creative Solutions

You have lots of choices when it comes to buying small spaces furniture, but you can also get creative yourself. Buy a dining table for small spaces you like, and pair it with dining benches to seat more people at a table, without taking up valuable floor space. There are dining room sets that are meant for smaller homes, such as breakfast sets, that even include storage space and stools that fit under the table.

The options are seemingly limitless with unique dining tables for small spaces. Once you have the measurements and your requirements ready, it's time to start shopping.

How to Buy the Right Dining Table for Your Small Space

Now that you're ready to shop, check out a few dining tables options. A pub-height breakfast table is a great way to maximize the space you have because you can slip the stools underneath the tall table to give you more room. Tables with leaves fold up to keep your space compact for everyday use and to make room when you need it for extra dinner guests.

If you have a large family and need a table and seating to accommodate, a cafeteria table with benches works well. For consistent style, consider dining room collections that include a table and at least two chairs but often four or more.

All-in-One Solutions: Dining Room Sets

There are many suitable dining options that may not be specifically labeled as small space solutions. Some of the best dining tables for small spaces make use of a combination of dining chairs and benches to seat more people than if you chose a set with chairs alone.

One option that may be best for is a three-piece breakfast set that includes a table and two chairs. There are also modern dining tables for small spaces that include drawers in the table, which make clever storage solutions for extra silverware, cooking utensils, a junk drawer, or a convenient place to keep napkins.

Buying Pieces a la Carte

You know what you like, so it may mean buying dining room pieces individually. Mixing materials, such as metal chairs with a glass table, gives your dining room a decidedly modern appearance. You can find unique dining tables for small spaces that work in a room, but if you need more seating than what you can find in a dining room set, buying the dining chairs separately ensures you get all the same style chairs, rather than having a couple of odd ones out.

Bring the Outdoors In

Feel free to break the rules when looking for unique dining tables for small spaces, and take advantage of the benefits to buying outdoor furniture to use in small spaces. A bistro set is traditionally tiny, so it's a smart option if you're an apartment dweller who lives alone. Even larger tables can work well as modern dining tables for small spaces, especially if you have children. Patio furniture is typically extra durable because it's meant to be used outside where it's exposed to rain, wind, and sun. Additionally, outdoor furniture is lightweight and easy to move, so you can use it inside or out, and you don't need a dolly to move it.

Why Does Shape Matter?

Shape is particularly important when choosing the best dining tables for small spaces because a round table fits differently in a space than a rectangular one. They all have their benefits and drawbacks, which you can see here:

Table Shape Benefit Drawback
Round Seats up to five; more intimate dining experience Must be placed in center of room to seat the most people; little elbow room if seating five
Square Easily fits in a corner space Only seats up to four (or two if placed in corner)
Rectangular More seating; can be placed close to wall with dining benches to save space Seats four or more (many can seat 8 to 12)

Unique Options

Unconventional pieces can work as modern dining tables for small spaces, even if they aren't specifically dining room sets. For example, consider buying a love seat and pairing it with a drop-leaf round table—it saves space and creates a romantic atmosphere (but only if you need seating for just two).

You know the space you need to fill, and now you know some of the best dining tables for small spaces that are available to you. Browse our selection to find a variety of solutions, including all-in-one options and individual pieces to make up a unique set for your space.