Cheese With Your Wine: Unique Cheese Gifts for a Wine Enthusiast 

The ultimate wine fan in your life deserves the best unique cheese gifts to pair with their favorite vintages. Cater to their gourmet tastes by picking food-centric gifts. For instance, carefully curated gift baskets allow them to find their new favorites or pair their go-tos with new flavors, like indulgent candy and a set of wines they haven’t tried. DIY gift sets and literature give them a hands-on approach to their favorite food pairings. For those in your life who love to cook, kitchen and entertainment tools elevate their tasting experience with objects like knives, ovens, and serving boards. 

Gift Baskets 

Gift baskets are convenient because of their all-in-one nature, yet still thoughtful because of the curated combination of foods and beverages with flavors that complement one another. For variety, try interesting combinations by searching for assorted chocolates or fruit and cheese gifts for a balanced flavor profile.

Another item to add to your list of unique cheese gifts is an everyday gourmet gift, like a set of meats and cheeses for a complete charcuterie experience. These types of gifts are perfect for both a relaxing night in and a round of hors d’oeuvres while entertaining guests. Or, choose a completely cheese-focused set for the ultimate enthusiast. Include a variety of options so they can rediscover old favorites and potentially find new ones to munch on. A simple way to personalize a preassembled gift basket is by adding a hand-picked wine that you think they’d enjoy.

Themed gourmet gift baskets make for a mini culinary escape. Look for geographically based baskets that include snacks and wines from around the world. Themed baskets are one of the best cheese gifts because they allow your recipient to experience the cheese in the context of other foods from the area, especially wines.

DIY Sets 

For the cheese lover who also likes to try new hobbies, buy a cheese gift in the form of a DIY set. Fun yet practical sets are unique cheese gifts since your recipient can make their favorite flavors, from brie to ricotta to chevre. This gives them the one-of-a-kind experience of whipping up their own concoctions and the ability to enjoy them and a glass of wine from the comfort of home.

Search for cheese gift samplers so they can try a variety of flavors that pair well with their favorite wines. Kitchen-ready gift sets can even include spices, herbs, and artisan salts. Let your friend combine flavors to create new ones and expand their tasting experience, adding a whole new way for them to enjoy the pairings.

Kitchen Tools

Every cheese and wine enthusiast needs the proper tools to fully enjoy the flavorful experience, and a specialized set of kitchen implements is a thoughtful gift idea. Knives made of high-quality metals and woods let them continue to enjoy serving cheese for years to come. Try traditional silver and wood varieties as gift ideas or mix it up for a modern vibe with handles made of copper and even semiprecious stones. These entertainment accessories will look stylish next to their favorite bottle of wine. For the soft cheese fan, the best gift is a set of spreaders to help them enjoy this delicacy on top of bread or crackers.

Entertainment Essentials 

Thoughtful gifts geared toward entertaining guests are ideal for hosting a tasting party. A cheeseboard is a versatile gift idea, as it easily transitions from the kitchen to the living room. Depending on your recipient’s interior decor, go for the classic option with a thick wood board or a contemporary one with a clean-cut marble alternative. Slate varieties are both luxurious and practical gift ideas because they allow you to write the varieties and flavor notes on them with chalk.Throw in wine accessories, like cork stoppers and bottle openers to complement the cheese tools. Top off the gift with a set of fun cheese markers, which allow your loved one to label options both for their own organizational purposes and for party guests. Pair them with wine glass markers for the complete cheese gift package.


If your wine lover also happens to take pleasure in learning more about cheeses to go along with their favorite vintages, give them the gift of knowledge with a good book on the subject. Unique cheese gifts like cheesemaking manuals might inspire their next kitchen project, and serving guides can teach them the art of arranging their ultimate snacks. The best gifts are tasting books that encourage them to test out expert-approved cheese and wine pairings, especially those that they may not think of on their own. Or, go for cookbooks to help them incorporate cheese into any meal. Give them a notebook so they have a designated place to record their go-to restaurants and favorite pairings.

For the wine and cheese lover in your life, look for practical tools and curated gourmet sets as unique cheese gifts. Opt for crowd-pleasing gift baskets that include everything an enthusiast might need to improve their wine and cheese game. Or, think outside of the box with salts, spices, and other flavors that could complement their favorite pairings. Either way, your gourmet fan will appreciate you catering to their tastes with these thoughtful cheese gifts.