The Long and Short of It: 4 Unique Bench Ideas

Benches aren't just for the ball field anymore — they belong in your home, too, and you can decide which bench to buy as a useful and stylish room statement. Check out our incredible variety of bench ideas and find easy options for added storage and heightened decor for any room in your house.

Kick Off the Mud and Snow

Benches are a natural element for a mudroom or entryway. When your kids come in from a messy walk home, they'll need somewhere to put their boots. Instead of leaving them scattered around the door, they can place them on a boot tray tucked below a bench. We recommend types of benches with multiple compartments that allow storage throughout the year. That way, your family can put winter coats, boots and hats in one place and rain galoshes and raincoats for spring in another section. This bench idea organizes the entryway and keeps it neat for guests.

Creative Bench Ideas for a Little Kitchen Personality

If you want to look beyond kitchen or dining chairs, check out creative bench ideas that lend character to your kitchen. We think a long wooden option creates a cozy, rustic feel for this room. All your guests have space to get together around the table family style on dining benches. Leave a one in a freestanding position by the table or place it against a wall for the added comfort of your guests. If you have a family of various ages, we like the idea of a bench with a back for support.

If you want to create a special place for kids to think and read, use benches to make a reading nook. Do this by combining two of them at perpendicular angles. Add a footstool for resting their feet in the intersection of the bench collection. We know you'll want to include plenty of throw pillows and throw blankets, too. Choose types of benches with covered storage compartments for easy access to your comfort items.

If you have more supplies than places for them, a storage bench can be your best friend. We like the trick of putting placemats and large serving items, such as the lonely punch bowl that comes out only at holidays, inside of it. This simple bench idea prevents you from forgetting where you hid the table runner from Thanksgiving, because you know it's inside the furniture piece.

Sitting Pretty: Benches in the Living Room

Find the softer side of benches in your home through custom seating benches that offer a smart way to give style and elegance to the living room. Luxurious modern fabric versions and settees with support pillows make a stunning living room centerpiece and a relaxing place to rest, too. These types of benches let you and your guests sit comfortably while using minimal space. We think that benches are also a great way to extend seating in a small space. If you need to make room for a crowd on movie night, then pull out portable seating from against the wall and move it into the room with some large throw pillows—stored beneath the bench—for more cozy seating.

Make use of benches and ottomans as furniture pieces, too. For a creative bench concept, position a solid, backless one to act as a coffee table that holds magazines and drinks for reading or watching movies. We're inspired by the fact that visitors will be impressed by your style and ingenuity. Flexible furniture ideas continue when you construct a bookshelf from benches, with no assembly required. Simply stack books under and on top of a flat open one for an attractive presentation. We feel this is the perfect way to keep your kids' books out of the walkway and lined up under the inside of a low bench, for their own special spot.

Benches and Bedrooms: The Perfect Relationship

The bed may be the star of your bedroom furniture, but it needs a bench as a good sidekick. If you have a lot of blankets, quilts or pillow shams to fit together on the bed, use some trusted bench ideas, such as storing them inside a covered bench that performs double duty as seating. Since pulling on shoes can be hard some days, make it easy on yourself by using a bench to get ready quicker.

We think you'll like the look of easy vanity seating made with seating benches, and for some extra style, those with fabric enhance your decor while helping you sit in comfort when getting ready for the day or a night out. Select from several sizes and types of benches to find one to fit any room or even a walk-in closet, where it serves as a handy place to lay out clothes for the day. For a creative bench concept, use it as a compact shoe rack. Put the most popular pairs on the top rack to grab on the way out the door and store others underneath it.

However you arrange them, benches benefit any room with their presence. We think that when you buy our various types of benches for seating or storage, or you choose them as stylish furniture pieces that coordinate rooms, your whole house looks and works to your liking and comfort.