Unique Bath Salts to Help You Soak Away the Day

Before determining which bath salts to buy for your ultimate relaxation, it's handy to learn a bit about their history. The first writings on the various types and uses of bath salts appeared in China over 4,500 years ago. Thousands of years later, Hippocrates expounded the benefits of salt water by encouraging other healers to immerse patients in seawater as a way to heal certain ailments.

Bath salts have numerous benefits, from aiding in exfoliation to softening calluses. Highly concentrated salts can increase buoyancy to make you feel almost like you're floating.

After a hard day standing on our feet at work and running around the house to clean, we all deserve a little me time in the tub with bath salts for relaxation. Our time alone is worth the wait, so be prepared to jump right in with options that satisfy desires. To ensure a soothing experience in the water, select the right scent, color and container for your bath salts with our simple bath salts comparison tips.

Solve the Mystery of Your Preferred Scents

Be one with nature when you use bath salts that release a variety of pleasing scents. We suggest taking your time to find your favorite flavor or fragrance. When deciding which bath salts to buy, think of what relaxes you. If the smells of walking through a field of flowers whisk you off to a place far away, then a floral scent may be right for you. We recommend picking your favorite flower or plant to begin. Scents such as rose and lavender may help soothe your senses and your muscles when you use skin care products such as bath salts and foot soaks. If you want to try more than just one scent, then choose a collection of vials with floral salts and scented bubble bath to experience further fragrance experiences.

For unique bath salts, we love to go exploring with a combination of traditional and special ingredients such as Asian ginger and jasmine. Or, choose a fruited flavor such as orange English tea to accompany a similarly scented set of soaps and lotions. If you really love fragrances, like we do, then go ahead and indulge yourself in the popular trend of essential oils designed to soothe your senses with pure aromas. These natural oils are distilled down to a potent potion, so just a dab does the trick. We suggest putting them on your skin while in the tub or mixing in a few drops with the bath salts before stepping into the water for enhanced bath salt uses.

Have Some Fun When Seeking Out Your Favorite Colors

Besides a lovely scent, you'll find unique bath salts in an array of colorful hues. Who says only kids can have colors in the tub; we think pretty hues should be for adults, too. When making bath salts comparison by color, look at the source of the shades. Bath beads and pearls are fun and easy ways to splash color into the bath and to mix with your salts. We sprinkle a few tiny beads into the tub and watch the transformation. Choose from scented flavors in bright pink, purple, green, gold and even champagne, for some bubbly mixture in your bath salt soak.

Another way to relax with more bath salt uses is through other spa and relaxation products, such as colored sea salts that get their hues naturally from their place of origin. The ancient Mediterranean people recognized the healing properties of salt for tired muscles and used it as a way to cleanse skin issues. Dead Sea bath salts still contain a rich assortment of minerals that lend specks of maroon and purple for a pleasant view. Pink Himalayan rock pieces make another unique bath salt option that sparkles while it may cleanse and renew the skin for a nourishing feel.

Store It in Style with Bath Salt Container Ideas

Once you've chosen which bath salts to buy for your alone time in the tub, consider how to store them in an attractive way. The little grains of salt need to be contained if you want to keep them from the drain, the floor or your curious pet. We need our precious salts conveniently placed to get the most bath salts uses possible. Some salts come already wrapped up for convenience, such as small packets of scented ones in envelopes, good for one or two soaks. You'll want a larger amount, though, once you've decided on which bath salts to buy for your relaxing experience, so pick a container that can hold them all.

We suggest storing your favorite salts within bath accessories that match your bathroom decor and allow for easy bath salt use. For example, storage canisters hold bath salts well and look attractive on a bathroom shelf. A tinted glass bottle placed in the corner of the tub area works well for storing salts for easy access, too. We're inspired by the idea of placing small bottles of unique bath salts in decorative baskets lined with gift wrap or in storage caddies with compartments that hold various sizes of salts. Either option is also convenient for storing extra bath salts for your guests to use. Other simple and attractive bed and bath products offer storage suggestions built into the overall bathroom design and layout.

Start your special time in the water by deciding which bath salts to buy according to the fragrances and hues that appeal to you. Then, reserve their space with storage containers that add style to your bathroom. A blissful time awaits at any moment when you choose our unique bath salts suited just for you.