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5 Types of Stylish Headboards You Need to Know About

Make your bedroom a sanctuary to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As you browse custom designs, figure out how what headboard best suits your bed's dimensions, matches the theme of other bed and bath products, enhances the room's color scheme and offers support. Whether you're going for a minimalist feel or something more ornate with stylish headboards, there are options for every sense of style in a variety of materials and designs.

Classic and Traditional: Wooden Headboards

Wooden durable headboards never seem to go out of style; they're sturdy and stand the test of time. On top of that, they have a classic style that meshes well with a wide variety of themes and color schemes.

Some items in the headboard collection offer a simple, solid piece of wood that serves as a classic headboard. We find these types work well in a neutral-toned room where you want to keep colors to a minimum and create a calming environment. If you're looking for a more eye-catching design, consider stylish headboards made from carved wood. These options feature intricate carvings that add texture to the headboard, adding a completely new design element to the room.

Explore different models to find a wood finish that complements the other furniture in your room. There are natural wood options, whitewashed models and painted pieces.

Modern and Clean: Embossed Metal

If learning how to build a headboard isn't quite in your wheelhouse, there are options that require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Embossed metal pieces in headboard collection pieces are ideal if you're trying to achieve an industrial, minimalist appearance. Embossed metal brings a sleek, modern element to the bedroom. Use it to match other simple elements in your design or utilize it as a simple piece to offset ornate items in your bedroom decor. Many of these durable headboards have designs etched in, offering textured components to your bedroom furniture.

Simple yet Comfty: Monochrome Upholstery

Upholstered stylish headboards work well in almost every bedroom, whether you're looking for a solution for your kid's room, your own bedroom or a guest room. An upholstered, padded headboard gives us the optimal place to sit back and relax while reading a book or watching television before bed.

Monochrome upholstery is easy to fit into any bedroom's color palette. You can keep it simple by matching the color of other pieces in the bedroom to a headboard collection piece, or if you're bold like us, you can choose a completely different tone that makes the headboard a statement piece.

These models come in a variety of shapes. A standard rectangular model provides a traditional look, while cutaway corners add some modern flair to the space. Rounded corners soften the overall design of the bedroom, creating a relaxing environment.

Grab Attention with Patterned Upholstery

Maybe you like upholstered durable headboards, but you're looking for something a little more exciting than a monochrome model. Inject some of your personality into your bedroom design with patterned custom headboards.

If you go the custom route, think about how to build a headboard by selecting the right shape, size and pattern. Many simple patterns offer a quirky, appealing look to your room. We're big fans of traditional patterns like chevron, paisley, polka dots and stripes. There are options within each of these patterns, letting you decide how busy or minimal of a design you want.

You can take your headboard selection to the next level by choosing a more complex pattern or personalized design. Multicolored floral designs make any room feel like a relaxing walk through the garden, offering a pop of color in a neutral-colored bedroom design. Animal prints highlight your love of nature and show off your personality. Give the space some international flair with multicultural-inspired prints. These prints feature designs from all over the world, often combining traditional prints with bold, unforgettable colors.

Choosing Charming Wicker

Wicker is a simple and charming material in the headboard collection. It's lightweight and easy to maintain, making it an excellent option for beds in guest rooms or kids' rooms. They combine the style of wood with the texture of traditional wicker, and they're not limited to conventional wood colors since they often have a painted finish. It's definitely an option to consider while looking for stylish headboards.

You know exactly what kind of mood you want to create in your bedroom. The right choice from our headboard collection can help you let go of the stresses of the day, relax while you read a good book and prepare for the day to come. It all depends on the layout of your room, your design preferences and which materials you like. Durable headboards offer the support and structure you need to prop up pillows and sit up in bed comfortably. As you browse headboard options, look for models that make your room feel cozy and welcoming.