Finding the Best Types of Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

Outdoor furniture completely changes the appearance of your backyard or patio, extending your home into the outdoors. Be it warm summer nights or cooler fall evenings, a quiet time with a book or an active barbecue with friends and family, well-chosen outdoor furniture helps you substantially improve the outdoor experience.

Questions to Consider Before You Buy Outdoor Furniture 

Depending on the way you spend your time outdoors, you may need different types of outdoor furniture. Before making a decision, consider the functionality of the outdoor furniture and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much outdoor space do you have?
  • Are you planning outdoor activities with kids?
  • Do you prefer traditional or contemporary style?
  • How many people spend time in the backyard/patio?
  • Does your budget accommodate luxury or moderately priced models?
  • Are strong winds and humidity common in your area?
  • Furniture Materials: Comfortable and Weather Resistant 

    Before proceeding with the rest of the outdoor furniture buying guide, which can help you choose the various pieces, you may want to consider the different types of materials often used in outdoor furniture. 

    Investing in outdoor wicker furniture is a wonderful choice for any homeowner since it’s stylish, easy to clean, and very lightweight, making it easy to move around and rearrange. Wicker furniture comes in many different sizes to help you accommodate any patio space, including the smallest areas. Synthetic resin wicker has been treated so that it is weather-resistant and durable. Try to stay away from natural wicker (rattan) which can’t withstand the elements, unless it will be in a very protected area that isn't exposed to rain. 

    Wood is a naturally water-resistant material so it's able to weather those heavy rains and snowstorms. It’s also very durable, allowing it to withstand heavy-duty use during large parties with children. Wooden outdoor furniture is heavy, which makes it a perfect choice for windy areas. It also creates an ambiance of close-to-nature style, which is becoming more and more popular.

    Outdoor furniture made out of cast aluminum is durable so it withstands heavy use, but it is also easy to move around due to its light weight. High-end cast aluminum furniture is also very stylish, helping you easily cultivate a modern look.

    Wrought iron has a dignified and stately appearance, making it an ideal choice for large patios or backyards. Wrought refers to the fact that each piece is handcrafted, making it very unique and suitable for creating custom designs. Wrought iron is also heavy and weather-resistant.

    Outdoor furniture made of steel is suitable for all types of outdoor use due to its heavy weight and high-quality construction. High-end and top-rated outdoor furniture is often made out of steel.

    Plastic is the most affordable outdoor furniture material. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors so it suits any outdoor decor. It’s lightweight and easy to move around.

    Casual Furniture: Helping You Relax While Enjoying the Weather 

    Comfortable outdoor seating and lounge furniture gives you the opportunity to relax outside after a long day and helps create a great space to host outdoor events. It brings a special laid-back ambiance to your yard. Recliners are considered multi-functional because they allow you to sleep, read, enjoy the scenery, and of course, sit. Benches are versatile pieces of outdoor furniture for small patios since they seat many guests without taking up too much space. They are even a great place to prop your feet up or serve double duty as coffee tables. Rocking armchairs are a must-have piece for people who love to read outdoors. They offer a feeling of utter relaxation, especially for new mothers looking for a place to rock their babies asleep in comfort. 

    Dining Furniture: A Tasty Meal Without a Long Cleanup 

    Outdoor meals sometimes get messy, so finding dining furniture that is easy to clean is a priority. The type of dining furniture you choose depends on the overall style of your outdoor space. Casual backyard furniture should be functional, easy to move, and weather-ready. Plastic and wicker are great choices for outdoor activities that include food. 

    Formal patio furniture is a great choice for people who prefer to take a part of the interior to the outdoors. Wrought iron and steel work well if you want to create a formal outdoor dining setting. This type of furniture looks luxurious and sophisticated, while also being easy to clean.

    The right kind of outdoor furniture creates a special ambiance, like that of a cool and hip outdoor cafe. Wicker or teak furniture often achieve this look the best.  Mixed furniture, such as wood and steel or cast aluminum is also a good choice for creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

    Accent Furniture: The Important Elements of a Perfect Patio 

    Purchasing outdoor accent furniture helps you add convenient details to your patio decor and brings a bit more personality to the space. Bar tables and bar stools give your patio and backyard a unique look while being functional. Stylish serving carts cut down on having to run back inside every few minutes for forgotten items, and they also double up as extra table space, depending on their design. Storage chests that match or complement the rest of the outdoor furniture work well as additional seating when necessary, as they make great benches. Small coffee tables are a wonderful choice for an outdoor afternoon tea or a morning coffee while not taking up too much space. They also act as footrests for those days when you just need to prop your feet up.

    By choosing the right outdoor furniture, you are effectively designing an entirely new part of your home. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you have many different types of items from which to choose. In most cases, furniture pieces are multi-functional, easy to clean, and comfortable to use. A smart approach to outdoor design enables you to enjoy your patio all year round.