8 Types of Birthday Gifts to Wow Your Artsy Child

Artistic talent isn't limited by age. Whether your child is turning 2 or 22, you can appeal to his or her interests with different types of birthday gifts. To wow your little ones on their birthday, consider what mediums they like best. Take into account their skill level and select supplies they're comfortable using. For a fun challenge, purchase items that are slightly beyond your child's comfort zone. This allows him or her to learn and build new skills while experimenting with different items and techniques. Choose from a range of supplies, craft kits, books, musical instruments, and gift sets to pick birthday gifts perfect for empowering your child's creative side!

1. Colorful Journals

Kids are all about being creative, so consider journals, which are available in an array of vibrant colors and prints that'll catch their eye. Your son or daughter can fill the pages with sketches and inspiration for artistic adventures. Choose a hardback version to protect the projects inside or a soft cover option for flexibility and portability. For the best birthday gift, select a journal that features artwork that appeals to your little one's taste.

2. Craft Kits

One type of birthday gift that's sure to please is an all-in-one craft kit. These include most, if not all, necessary supplies, making them very convenient. These projects are easy to begin and simple to clean up. Written instructions allow your child to try new projects with a bit of guidance. We find that some of the best birthday gifts are craft kits that allow your little one to:

  • Paint wooden toys and ceramic keepsakes
  • Explore different mediums such as fiber, clay, paper, and paint
  • Discover new types of art, including origami, crayon rubbings, felting and yarn wrapping
  • Create wearable jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings
  • Build, disassemble and re-engineer different structures
  • Create unique stationary to send to a pen pal
  • Decorate a bedroom with fabric, pillows or latch hook rugs, as well as embroidered and needlepoint decor
  • 3. Musical Toys

    For your budding musician, buy a toys like musical instruments specially designed for children. These gifts are the appropriate size for little hands and are fully functional, allowing your little one to practice playing real notes and chords. If your child is interested in dance or theater, we recommend purchasing props such as costume accessories and ribbon twirlers to enhance performances.

    4. Art Supplies

    One of the best birthday gifts you can buy an artsy child is art supplies to replenish their stash. Colored pencils and crayons are a great choice for kids of all ages because they're versatile and leave virtually no mess. Select sidewalk chalk if your child enjoys creating masterpieces outdoors. Similarly, we're huge fans of chalk markers for use indoors on chalkboard decor. For convenience and portability, look into buying a birthday gift such as an art case that'll hold a variety of supplies and fold easily for storage.

    When we're looking for an extra special gift for a little artist, we like this idea: Use art supplies such as paper, paint and modeling clay to create an arts and crafts gift set. A new set of art supplies is sure to inspire a surge of creativity, and it'll last through multiple creative projects.

    5. Art Books

    Picture books are fabulous birthday gifts for little ones because they introduce your child to colorful illustrations that utilize various media and techniques, including pastels and watercolor. Choose instructional books for older kids who are ready to learn new techniques. Step-by-step guides allow your kid to learn a variety of skills such as how to utilize different types of media as well as how to draw using different styles. Lastly, birthday gifts such doodle books allow children to express their creativity by providing art-focused inspiration, suggestions and challenges on every page.

    6. Sticker Books

    Another type of birthday gift that's sure to impress is sticker books. These fun and artsy products often include coloring or activity pages as well as numerous coordinating stickers. We also love that they offer great fine-motor practice for younger children. Older ones may enjoy trying their hand at sticker-by-number books, which create a fun and unique challenge by inviting kids to create a picture solely from colorful sticker shapes.

    7. Advanced Coloring Books

    Coloring books don't have to be confined to the preschool classroom. With the advent of "grown-up" coloring books, artsy kids can stretch their imagination and create vibrant works of art at home. Combine this birthday gift with bright markers or gel pens for a package that packs a punch.

    8. Gift Baskets

    For a birthday gift collection that'll truly inspire your child, try purchasing a festive gift basket and including art supplies in with the snacks and treats. Adorn it with some decorative paper and gift wrap to make it extra special. Your child will find hours of entertainment snacking on tasty goodies and creating art projects. You can even create an artistic gift set by combining supplies, craft kits and art books into a single birthday gift.

    Whether you gift paper or pens, paint or clay, your artsy child will delight in the opportunity to create art. Browse our array of art supplies, journals and art books to inspire your birthday boy or girl.