Top Rated Rug Pads: Which is Best for You? 

A Rug Pad Buying Guide for Your Home 

For an easy pop of color or to tie in several colors in a room, there's nothing better than a rug. If you've ever shied away from buying a rug because you're worried about it sliding around, maybe you haven't heard of a rug pad. These mats are the invisible heroes in your home that prevent a rug from moving out of place. More importantly, they also help stop trips and slips before they start. So, it's less "do I need a rug pad?" and more "where can I buy a rug pad?"

Whether you're slipping and sliding around on tile or hardwood floors or you have rugs over carpet, a rug mat can help tremendously in other ways. They can also be helpful underneath outdoor rugs. Many other benefits come with the top-rated rug pads, but first you need to take inventory.

If you already have rugs at home that need a buffer between them and the floor they sit on, take their measurements. Be sure to note how many rugs you have and their various shapes. You should also look at where you've placed your rugs or where you plan to add one. Whether it's being weighed down by furniture, near doorways, or running along hallways are all important factors for choosing the right rug pad.

How to Choose a Rug Pad 

When you have thick area rugs, you have the benefit of the weight of the rug to help keep it in place. A coffee table perched atop of these rugs can also help keep it still. However, one misstep can push the rug to one side or the other, and there's still a chance of slipping. A thicker rug pad can do so much for your area rug. It not only adds a bit of tackiness underneath to keep the rug in place, it also provides a bit more cushion.

High-traffic areas that have long rugs are high-risk areas. The more feet that trample the rug, the better chance there is of someone slipping. Adding a thin rug pad under rugs that see a lot of feet can keep your family and guests safe. Another benefit is that you'll also be protecting the floor from any spills. Accidents happen, but having a second layer under the rug can help prevent any seepage from the rug into natural hardwood floors.

While a thicker rug pad can add more comfort as you walk across your rugs, you have to carefully choose where these go. Choose one that's too thick near a doorway, and you might not be able to open or close the door. Plus, if you have active children running around or pets that race around your house, there's a good chance that a thick pad and rug could trip them.

A Rugged Rug Needs Replacing 

Although a rug is not carpet, it still has the same average life span. Stains, tread, and constant wear and tear eventually make rugs look old and tattered. You're likely going to need to replace rugs in your home every three to five years. You can find assorted indoor rugs in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Whether you choose a southwest print, a wool rug, or a lace-patterned one, you should also buy a rug pad. The good news is that you can buy these mats in a variety of sizes, and then you can trim if you need to. That's excellent news for those who love abstract rugs, such as sheepskin. The most common sizes vary from 2 x 8 feet to 8 x 10 feet.

Top-rated rug pads available shouldn't need to be replaced often, but take a look at your mats every time you clean your rugs. Rubber and vinyl are popular materials for rug mats, and there's a chance of them drying out over time. If you see any signs of damage or cracking, buy a new one to be safe.

Outdoor Rugs: Do I Need a Rug Pad? 

It may seem silly to put an outdoor rug on top of a rug pad, but it can be helpful in ways you may not realize. Many porches are textured enough to keep outdoor rugs in place, but that's not the only reason to use a rug pad. You can find these pads especially made for the outdoors that have been sprayed with antimicrobial treatments to ward off mold, mildew, and bacteria. Plus, these mats promote quick drying of your outdoor rug thanks to the open-weave design.

With a rug pad, there's no reason for you to not try the latest patio trend. Outdoor rugs add a touch of elegance or coziness to any back yard, and it falls squarely in the hottest trend of bringing the indoors outside.

Protect the Ground Underneath You 

You now know that rug mats are necessary for any rug you buy to help protect you and your family. Plus, they'll keep your natural fiber rugs, oriental-style rugs, and plush outdoor rugs from shifting out of place. A mat can also protect your floor from damage in other ways.

Top-rated rug pads won't stain your floors in any way, and if anything drops on top of your rug and pad, there's more cushion to help prevent breaking the dropped item. If something heavy drops and does break, though, the floor underneath is protected: No scratches, no dents, and no cracks. How could you not invest in such an affordable piece of insurance for your floor, your rug, and your family?

Maintain the beauty of your home's floors, your hardwood deck outside, and yourself with a rug pad. These little pieces of material can prevent a small accident becoming an expensive one.