4 Throw Pillow Trends We're Loving Right Now 

Besides their functional role in providing back, head and neck support, throw pillows are primarily plush, decorative furnishings for improving the aesthetics of living spaces. They're simple, cost-effective accessories you can use to change the looks of your sofas, daybeds and other furniture by adding eye-catching colors and motifs. We're excited about a number of throw pillow trends that can help transform your home and make it a more relaxing environment. 

1. Go Global with Mud Cloth Prints 

It's true: Mud cloth decor accessories are in, and throw pillows are not exempt. Mud cloth pillows, or Bogolanfini fabric pillows, are inspired by the look and design of handmade Malian materials. We love them for their durability and culturally significant prints. The artisan pieces are based on the idea of traditional dyes combined with fermented mud to achieve the earthy tone of mud cloth. Look to these eclectic accessories for durable throw pillows that offer worldly appeal.

A major part of our interest in this design is its ability to add a touch of flair to decor without overpowering the room. For us, the neutural tone also elicits relaxing warmth. We love this earthy look with furniture made of solid wood. Mud cloth throw pillow collections feature colors besides white, black and brown. Add a splash of color to your decor by getting this trendy design in shades of red, blue and green.

2. Showcase Your Favorite Color in Multiple Ways 

We all have our favorite colors and love to feature them prominently in our home decor. Getting all your throw pillows in the same color is an easy way to tie together different interior design elements. Picking the same shades for decorative cushions, area rugs, drapes and walls is one of the bold throw pillow trends that we love. However, it's easy to go overboard when everything in a room is the same hue. To avoid monotony and maintain visual interest, we recommend waking up your creative side.

For a fun solution, try some color play. Get durable throw pillows in subtle shades of the same hue and arrange them on your sofa from brightest to lightest to create a gradient. Other fun alternatives include picking the same shade but varying fabric textures and patterns. Consider texture options such as smooth, tufted, shaggy and coarse when mixing modern throw pillows with different types of fabric covers.

A velvety fabric feels supple and looks elegant while a shaggy one gives the cushion a rug-like texture, and coarse materials add some grit to an otherwise plush collection. We also like knotted cotton macrame pillows as another contrast to soft textures. For patterns, we enjoy throw pillow collections with solid color, polka-dot, striped and plaid pieces. Striped patterns contrast well with solid shades by softening their serious looks with bands of alternating color.

3. One Theme, Many Colors 

Using the same color in different ways is fun and inventive, but you can also give your home the same pizzazz by scattering throw cushions in a rainbow of hues and tints. Before you do this, we recommend establishing a theme for these accessories. If you like nature, pick durable throw pillows featuring birds, flowers, trees and similar nature-inspired motifs. We think marine-themed designs can depict the ocean, beach, turtles, dolphins and scenes from tropical islands. These themes are also fitting for outdoor throw pillows meant for chaise lounges on your patio or pool deck. We like the idea of looking around the home for inspiration and then picking a theme that pulls together the decor.

One trendy pattern that never fails to impress us is the floral print. It's easy to set up, too, as long as you have a garden or potted plants at home. Even wall planters will do. We enjoy the fact that modern throw pillows with floral patterns are especially versatile decor items. Do take note that when mixing these, we believe it helps to follow a few simple rules.

First, try to match colors of similar tones and intensities to keep it soft and consistent. Second, we think it's a good idea to select floral prints with repeating patterns of roughly the same size. This produces a coordinated look that makes the colors pop even though you selected them from different throw pillow collections.

4. Embrace Geometric Designs

We love that the repeating lines, sharp angles and circles of geometric prints make them suitable for all decor. Geometric designs are long-lasting throw pillow trends, and for good reason. They're visually arresting, making sofas, chaise lounges and daybeds look wider. Geometric patterns also beautify neutral furniture. For us, they can turn a simple gray couch from a ho-hum piece into a conversation starter. We recommend getting sofa cushions with such patterns if, like us, you love using modern throw pillows but don't want your living space looking too full.

Yet another reason we love geometric patterns is for their flexibility. You don't have to search for items with the same patterns. Grouping similar or complementary geometric designs creates a a desirable kaleidoscopic effect that brightens the room. When mixing different patterns, have a little fun by picking durable throw pillows with geometric motifs of varying sizes. We think that playing with scale in this way makes your living spaces come alive.

Give your home the design makeover it deserves, without breaking the bank, by decorating it with stylish throw pillows. We've identified some of the hottest trends that make great use of colors, textures and patterns. Get creative with these to achieve the desired look, and you can start by looking through our home decor and pillows selection.