Easy Style Accents: A Throw Pillow Buying Guide

Here's a secret used by decorators everywhere: Adding different types of throw pillows is a quick and easy way to change up your room's decor on a dime! They let you add pops of coordinating or contrasting color, combined with functional style for back support when needed. Choosing throw pillows is easier than you might think when you take time to decide on the purpose they'll serve, and how you'll fit them into your existing decor.

Choose a Place and Purpose

Before you buy throw pillows, decide on their location and function. Accent cushions work anywhere; however, the type of material you need is dependent on the environment. If you plan to use them on a deck or patio where they may be exposed to the elements, we encourage you to select fabrics that are highly durable. For example, a pure cotton casing would be too absorbent if it rains. Instead, take a look at our outdoor throw pillows made from a polyester blend. These types of throw pillows are often available in water-resistant and removable insert forms suited to poolside splashes. Waterproof cushions made from recycled plastic repel water from sudden showers, too.

Besides looking pretty, pillows are also practical. Accent cushions serve as a support for your body, so decide which muscles need reinforcement. For back support, buy throw pillows made just for the lumbar region to place flat against chair backs. You'll also find that our bed and bath products help you rest at night, something we can all be happy about. Small cushions with shams decorate the head of the bed during the day and fit behind the main pillows at night to provide firm, supporting headrests. Because our various throw pillow sizes are so accommodating, you can even use large ones on the floor as convenient and comfortable seating for kids, or as relaxing backrests for adults watching TV.

Choose the Right Size and Shape

Experiment with different dimensions and types of throw pillows for a custom appearance. Consider the relative measurements of the surrounding furniture before placing them. Throw pillow sizes should be proportionate to the items you intend to accent. A small lumbar back support would look appropriate on a side chair but may seem swallowed up on a king-sized sofa. Likewise, a giant, overstuffed floor cushion might seem out of place on a settee. Remember to leave enough room for you or your guests to sit on the furniture, too.

The arrangement of accent cushions creates a special feeling for your room. To make a multilayered look, place them upright with the largest one toward the back and the smallest in the front. For a traditional design, fit square options neatly within the corners of the furniture or rest them diagonally against the corner crevices. Reserve unique throw pillows of special shapes like circles or triangles for the ends of a sofa or a separate chair for a trendy look.

Define Your Decor Style 

To create a room that pops with flare, think of your overall decor style and find ways to express it. Do you want an eclectic, contemporary look with varying throw pillow sizes, or a more formal appearance? The colors and patterns you use on decorative throw pillows should reflect that. For example, you may prefer placing traditional styles evenly apart on your sofa and show off solid-colored stripes on tight-cornered squares, like small chairs. A contemporary look featuring unique throw pillows may show multiple sizes of patterned options artistically staggered around the same item of furniture.

Mix and Match Colors and Patterns

Once you figure out your preferred style, pick colors that complement your existing items. Hues opposite each other on the color wheel work well together, like navy blue and burnt orange. Another popular option is following a color scheme. You can buy throw pillows in common themes such as earth tones of green, brown and blue. Or, work with variations on a color theme with different hues of the same color. If you have neutral-colored furniture like brown or gray, then work off the other colors in the room, such as contrasting with the paint on a central wall. With our many types of throw pillows available, you have flexibility for rearranging sets or relocating them to another room if needed.

Enjoy exploring different style options in our home decor and pillows by playing with patterns and textures. When you buy throw pillows, try to include at least one small print like rows of mini stars and a large print, like triangles, along with a couple medium prints. Alternate solid and stripe patterns for classic and attractive design combinations. For an eclectic look, incorporate different ethnic styles from each continent. A design featuring unique throw pillows made from llama wool and a woven Arabic fringe would attract visitors' attention. All items don't need to match though. Even a formal look can have an item here and there. A small, fuzzy pink accent might be a splash of color on a side chair in a traditionally styled room.

Have confidence in arranging many types of throw pillows by understanding the area you want to design. By determining the purpose and style you're going for, you'll discover our many pleasing themes and color variations to fit your looks. With some simple decisions, you can buy throw pillows that bring new life to your room.