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Three Interesting Cowhide Rug Decorating Ideas

Cowhide is a luxurious and unique material that is simple to add to any room in the form of a cowhide rug. As a statement piece, choose from plenty of exclusive color arrangements. With both authentic and faux styles available, you have the power to bring together a room or completely transform it with a casual handcrafted rug.

With one of these beautiful floor coverings, you need to know where to place it in your home and how to complement it as a decor piece. Every aspect of the cowhide – fur length, pattern, color, and shape – makes a difference in the way you use it to decorate a room. Tipping the scales between posh and untamed, the possibilities are endless. Check out a few cowhide rug decorating ideas to get you started on your new motif.

Idea No. 1: Introduce Luxury to a Neutral or Contemporary Room

When you have a room with a variety of neutral or subdued colors, adding a cowhide rug makes the room feel more welcoming and refined with its interesting patterns. Since genuine versions offer unique designs, the rug you choose is a one-of-a-kind piece that you can add to any space. Allow the patterns to break up the appearance of the neutral hues in the room, and let some varieties match the colors you already have on your walls, such as browns, whites, and blacks.

Make neutral colors come alive by balancing the carpet's textures with the room's other decor. Rather than keeping a monochromatic theme with solid shades, add a cowhide rug with black spots for more intense contrast. If the tones in your room don’t match the classic hues, choose a faux version in another color that packs a lot of punch.

Idea No. 2: Add New Shapes in a Refined and Modern Room

In both modern and minimalist decor, most of the furniture and patterns come in the most basic shapes, but that’s why cowhide rugs make a difference. Each selection has a different pattern and shape, breaking the synchronicity found in many modern homes. Since these styles tend to be fixed, use a cowhide rug to accent the traditional shapes. The bedroom is an easy place to test your limits with using animal skin decorations, since all of the other fabrics in the space are typically much different from the texture of cowhide. Add a casual floor rug at the foot of your bed or in front of the dresser for an upscale arrangement that changes up the shapes of the furniture.

Most area rugs are symmetrical, but the varying appearance of the cowhide versions makes the room look chic while changing up the balance in the space and enhancing it with contrasting shapes. The unique look of these floor decor pieces gives your modern living space the luxurious appearance you are seeking. An area rug in the middle of the space draws guests in, giving you the chance to bring out some of the bolder features in the room.

Idea No. 3: Bring Out Your Love of Westerns

There is no setting more fitting for a cowhide rug than a country western motif. If you live in the desert or the western United States, you may notice the importance of the country lifestyle from over a century ago. This theme is notorious for its wood furniture, leather, and other brown shades, so it is only natural that you match the cowhide rug designs with the rooms in your home. They come in all shapes and sizes that you can imagine, giving you the chance to bring in multiple pieces at once that can only enhance your decor.

A large living room and family room is the perfect space for your cowhide rug living room ideas to take off, since much of the western theme features big and bold pieces, like animal fur and hide decor. When you choose to make a room more masculine, add a cowhide rug to your den or the bar area in your home, preferably with more blacks and browns. Cowhide is a very versatile choice that is ideal as an elegant complement for a polished home, as well as a wild western motif that gives your home a sense of rustic charm.

With a few cowhide rug decorating ideas, you have a place to begin when choosing to enhance your home's decor with these unique floor coverings. You have endless color schemes and interior decor options to make the room stand out. For a significant contrast in the space that looks fashion-forward, stick with cowhide rugs that feature black and white. However, when you want to add a soft complement to the room, a rug patterned with brown and white does the trick. With so many patterns available, all you need to do is decide on your overall motif to find the right rug to complement your space.