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The Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

When you live in a tiny house, a studio, or an apartment, you don't always have the room for all the furniture you want. That's why you need to shop for the best coffee tables for small spaces. A coffee table helps to round out and complete any living room. In addition to showing off your style with the right piece, coffee tables for small spaces are functional pieces. They can serve as makeshift dining tables and be catch-alls for mail, remote controls, and books and magazines.

If you just bought a new home, are redecorating, or moving into a smaller space, it may be time to look for traditional or modern coffee tables for small spaces for your living room since smaller homes require smaller pieces of furniture. It's also a good idea to buy coffee tables that are multipurpose. The right one can be used for storage, a place to put your feet up, or eating dinner while watching TV.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding the best coffee tables for small spaces. Whether you want one that folds up and tucks away to keep your floor space open or you want a piece that stores blankets, pillows, and books, you can easily find one that works for you.

Folding Tables 

If you prefer to keep your living space open and clutter-free, there are options for that. Consider a folding table or side table. These pieces are smaller and usually made of wood. Keep it out as a permanent fixture or fold it up and tuck it away in a closet for more floor space. 

Nesting Coffee Tables 

Modern coffee tables for small spaces include pieces that are unique in design, material, shape, and function. Nesting coffee tables are a bit like the Russian Matryoshka dolls: a large table hides a smaller table under it, which in turn hides a smaller one. Usually, these tables come with two to four units, but when nested only take up the floor space of the largest one. When you need more table space than the largest table supplies, just slide a smaller one out.

Whether your style is industrial, classic, eclectic, artsy, or somewhere in between, you can find nesting tables in a variety of styles and materials. Modern coffee tables for small spaces come in different materials, including metal, acrylic, wood, and even marble.

Convertible Ottomans 

One way to make your furniture work for you is to find pieces of small spaces furniture that are multifunctional. Convertible ottomans are excellent choices for anyone looking for the best coffee tables for small spaces. These pieces are usually upholstered and have a lid that flips over to a flat, firm surface for holding glasses and plates. Inside the ottoman is storage space for magazines or extra throw pillows. Flip the top back over to the plush side and you have a place to rest your feet or it can be used as extra seating. 

Table Benches 

Sometimes when you live in a smaller home, you have to get creative with your space. Try using a table bench as a coffee table. These benches are typically utilized as seating at dining room tables, but they work well as coffee tables to provide lots of surface space.

If you need a medium-length coffee table, go for a regular seating bench. Many of them are made of wood, but some are upholstered. Add a tray to the top for a solid surface.

Lift-Top Tables

A lift-top table is an excellent solution for your living room when you need a work space or dining-height table. It's one of those modern coffee tables for small spaces that includes springs and hinges that allow you to lift the top of the table up and toward you.

These types of coffee tables are usually made of wood, and some include storage space underneath. It's a good solution when you don't have room for a dining room table and chairs.

Tiered Tables 

If you prefer traditional coffee tables for small spaces, you can still get the look you want and a piece that offers your tiny home a little extra. A tiered coffee table is a type of living room coffee table that can provide you with two surfaces and storage. Keep your remote controls and magazines in one drawer and miscellaneous items in the other. Books and blankets can be kept on the lower shelf, and you can use the top for drinks and food.

Usually, these tables are made of wood, but you can find them in plastic, metal, and mixed materials if you prefer an industrial wood coffee table. You get a multifunctional piece that doesn't take up too much floor space.

Unusual Options 

Bedroom coffee table furniture is a good alternative to traditional coffee tables. Opt for a nightstand or laptop table. A nightstand offers a table with a smaller footprint and usually some storage space. A laptop table has a low profile and slides close to you while you sit on the sofa.

Living in a smaller space means you must pay particular attention to every piece of furniture you bring into your home. By choosing pieces that are multifunctional or easy to move and store, you can enjoy more open space. Come look around, we have the variety of styles, designs, and colors you're looking for to suit you and your small space.