Setting the Curve: A Teacher Gift Buying Guide

Teachers are some of the most important people in your children's lives, so it only makes sense to show your appreciation with some thoughtful teacher gift ideas. They spend a tremendous amount of time in designing and putting together lesson plans. They also often stay hours after school ends to tutor their students and offer support and guidance. As most of them go above and beyond their duties and job responsibilities, the least you can do is show your appreciation with thank-you gifts on special days.

Apples were a traditional gift as a sign of appreciation, but this tradition is outdated. Modern teacher gifts are much more diverse and include a wide range of items. 

For Extra Energy in the Morning

Many teachers need an extra boost in the mornings to match the high energy levels in their classrooms. This is why roasted coffee beans and teas are often some of the most well-received teacher gift ideas. Coffee fans enjoy the unique undertones of exotic roasts, and tea lovers appreciate the flavors of different blends. The caffeine in both gives instructors the jolt of energy they need to tackle the day.

Travel mugs go well with these teacher gifts and add a nice finishing touch. They're handy for those who brew coffee or tea at home. Those who stop by a coffee shop on the way to school also appreciate them, as they make each visit an eco-friendly one. Ceramic mugs are most popular because they do not impart any flavor onto the coffee or the tea. Double-walled mugs insulate the beverages to keep them warm for a longer period of time. These teacher gifts often see a lot of use during the colder days.

For Snacking During Breaks

You can't go wrong with a gift of snacks if you know what the teachers enjoy eating, and whether they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Gourmet food baskets or snack boxes are ideal teacher gift ideas for a single instructor or for an entire faculty to share during breaks. Fruit baskets and other fresh items are also good for sharing and make thoughtful teacher gifts. Place orders for fresh foods closer to the date of delivery to ensure optimal freshness.

Cookies, chocolates, and other types of baked goods are suitable for snack lovers. These teacher gifts can sit without spoiling. Snack boxes filled with treats from other countries are a hit as teacher gifts because they are unique and hard to find elsewhere. Appeal to those with a sweet tooth by making candy jar teacher gifts filled with chocolates and hard candies. Fill the jars with each instructor's favorite treats. They can reuse the jars at home or in the classroom. Jars with funny designs and characters double as decorations. Your kids' instructors may enjoy filling up these empty jars with candies and other goodies to share with their students.

For Organizing Their Desks

Look for practical teacher gift ideas that organize the classroom and the teacher's desk, as they will see a lot of use. Metal desk organizers store loose papers, like homework and graded assignments. Pencil cups keep random pens and pencils in one central location for students to borrow. Perpetual calendars keep track of the date. Some even count down to important events, like exams and holidays. Garbage cans are also surprisingly useful and you can have a little fun with these teacher gifts and give them unique metal embossed ones that are like no other.

Determine which practical items each instructor is missing when visiting their classroom. If they already have everything, replace items that are old and need updating, as they benefit from new equipment and tools as ideal teacher gift ideas.

For Relaxing After a Long Day

Consider teacher gift ideas that help them unwind after dealing with rambunctious children all day. Luxurious spa sets easily do the job. Scented bath products and lotions containing essential oils offer extra health benefits. Products containing lavender or mandarin essential oils help promote relaxation. Wine and other cocktails pair well with spa products or can be gifted alone. Choose something unique that's not readily available at your local liquor store.

Pamper your child's favorite teachers with extravagant gift baskets containing spa items, wines, or an assortment of other various picks for a teacher gift collection. These premade gifts contain highly sought-after products that stand out. This makes putting something together much easier and saves you from having to research which items are best. Include a thank-you note with the gift basket to add a personal touch.

For Decorating the Classroom

Choose teacher gift ideas that decorate and add a little color to the classroom. Framed paintings inspire creativity. The paintings may showcase the world from another perspective or take the students to a different place. Succulents add life to the classroom, and often become low-maintenance classroom mascots. Teachers can have students take turns watering them to learn and practice responsibility. Chalkboards are not only decorative but also practical teacher gift ideas. The instructors can write notes on them or use the drawing surfaces for other purposes.

Educators do more than teach and set curriculum. They nurture students and instill discipline and good character through their daily interactions. Thanking them with something from a teacher gift collection is one way to show what their efforts mean to you. If you have the time, shop for individual teacher gifts tailored to each instructor's likes and hobbies. You can also save a lot of time and effort by buying the same type of present for all of them. Search our corporate gifts section to find presents suitable for educators of all genders and ages and find teacher gift ideas that convey your sentiments.