Surprise Gifts for Girlfriends: Shopping for the One You Love

You've decided you want to get a surprise gift for your girlfriend this year, since she usually expects some flowers and a card on her birthday or chocolates to celebrate your anniversary. You want to show her how much she means to you by presenting her with a creative gift she will cherish. What you need are great gift ideas for your girlfriend. 

When you buy gifts for your girlfriend, think of the feelings you want to share with her. Do you want her to laugh as you find funny moments to talk about, or cuddle close as you both enjoy just being with each other? The best gift ideas come from your heart, so you already have the knowledge of what type of presents could please her.

Creative Gifts for Your Girlfriend

If you love how she is so creative and shares her whimsical perspectives with you, your girlfriend may welcome a surprise gift that engages her artistic side. First, decide if you want to give her a small handheld item or a large art piece that stays in one place. Think of how much space the item needs. Small art pieces like stone statuettes fit on end tables, while larger artwork, such as framed paintings or even furniture pieces, requires much more space.

For tabletop gift ideas for your girlfriend, a set of candle holders and picture frames both made of driftwood are unique adornments. Perhaps you want to go large and fill up a wall or a corner of the room. Consider buying a stylish pastel accent chair with a fur stool or a patterned metal sculpture to go above the sofa. If she is literary, perhaps a journal and stationery set of internationally inspired designs, along with a case of bright colored pencils with goofy cartoon erasers would get her writing more love letters to you. For the woman who likes to cook, novelty ceramic canisters or cookie cutters are fun surprise gift ideas for your girlfriend. Of course, there are always plenty of seasonal home and kitchen decorations to add cheer at any time of the year.

Satisfying Foodie Gifts

If your special woman loves discovering new tastes in the kitchen and at restaurants, a gourmet gift set may be a grand surprise gift for your girlfriend. In just one box, give a world of spices and flavors. For a girlfriend who loves to eat a little bit of everything, consider an international sampler basket of assorted goodies. If she enjoys food or drinks from a particular country or continent, select a basket from that area. For example, a British box may have tea and biscuits, an Italian basket may feature chocolates and sauces, and a Japanese box could have Pocky sticks and miso soup. 

If you want to buy a surprise gift for your girlfriend that is specific to her tastes, think of what foods and flavors your special lady likes the most. Browse a varied selection of individual boxes of sweets, sauces, and beverages that match her interests. If she has a sweet tooth for candy and chocolate, surprise her with a package of real European milk chocolate bars and fruity candy chews. Perhaps your girlfriend enjoys talking with you over a cup of coffee or tea. A box of assorted herbal teas from England, along with jellies crafted from blended fruit could please her fancy. Or, if your sweetheart is a coffee lover, she may appreciate a deep blend of South American coffee served in a glazed stoneware mug.

Comfortable Gifts

Another perfect gift idea for your girlfriend is something that she wears. Whether it's inside or out in the open air, comfy clothes warm her body and her heart. Skip the guesswork when it comes to sizes and choose one-size accessories and everyday items. To keep cozy inside, comfortable loungewear like a fleece bathrobe with fuzzy bunny slippers make the perfect Mother's Day gift from you and her kids. If she likes to play outside in the cold and throw snowballs at you, perhaps a pair of gloves or mittens accompanied by a knit pom-pom cap would help her keep warm by your side. In the spring, a lightweight scarf to throw over the neck is an easy way to accessorize her wardrobe too. If matching seems difficult, peek in her closet and take note of the colors and patterns and then find something similar. Surprise her and buy a gift for your girlfriend that complements her favorite outfits.

Romantic Gifts

The best gift for your girlfriend is showing your affection by taking time to create a memorable date together. If you're looking for romantic birthday gifts and ideas, perhaps prepare a pleasing meal with a warm atmosphere provided by a variety of lights and scents. Glass votive candles placed around the room with a floral scented glass jar candle on the table help light your girlfriend's lovely eyes. Let her know she is special and surprise her with a carved jewelry box or three-tiered jewelry stand filled with items you selected, such as a jewelry set with several pairs of drop earrings. And add a simple pendant necklace, along with a sparkling stretch bracelet, giving her several accessory options. Consider a gift for your girlfriend that includes a bath and body set made of soothing hand lotions and pleasantly scented bar soaps for her skin.

Little Things Mean A Lot

If you can't choose just one item, you may find the best surprise gift for her is an assortment of these items. Give her a new little treasure each day of the week as a reminder of just how much you care. Top it all off with a big gift for your girlfriend at the end of the week.

Whichever surprise gift you choose to give her, make sure you accompany it with a message that says why you love her. Consider the many options we have available and buy a gift for your girlfriend that best expresses your feeling for her.