Special Gifts for Your Husband: A Guide for Christmas Shopping

When November and December roll around, you know it's time to start checking out special gifts for your husband. Use Christmas as an opportunity to show your appreciation and love for the man in your life. Take advantage of the specialized knowledge you have about his interests and hobbies to pick on-point gifts that will make him smile as soon as he opens them. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out these gift ideas for husbands.

Set Him Up With High-Quality Furniture

If it's been a big year for the family and it's time to take your giving up a notch, high-quality furniture could be the best gift for husbands. If he still works on the same office chair he's had since college, treat him with a rolling ergonomic chair with plenty of support. Is his desk close to overflowing with paperwork, collectibles, and photos? Upgrade to an executive desk with lots of storage space. Other popular gift ideas for husbands include:

  • Armchairs
  • Storage cabinets
  • Media stands
  • Coffee tables

  • Whether the living room, his office, or his man cave needs an upgrade, there are simple, rustic furniture options that serve as creative gifts for husbands. Look for something that caters to his taste in home decor and makes efficient use of space available in the home or office.

    Simple Home and Office Decor Gifts

    Carefully selected home and office decor can completely change the atmosphere of a room. Make any room feel more personal with these gifts for husbands. While looking for gifts for him, look into decor items that dress up a work area, man cave, or bedroom. Globes are classic decorative pieces that lend an air of distinction to a home or office. Candles offer a soothing light source, and they're available in a wide variety of masculine scents, including peppercorn, agave, and sage.

    Fidget items serve two purposes, working both as decor and as a way for easily distracted people to keep their hands busy. A sphere made out of arrows, for example, looks stylish on a desk but also gives him something to spin while working. Terrariums have the same effect. They add visual appeal to a room and provide something to do when there's a little bit of downtime. These creative gifts for husbands let you customize his work and living areas.

    Some decorative items are also perfect storage gift ideas. Simple, attractive pencil cups and mail holders add order to a cluttered room, making it easier for your man to relax, focus on work, or rest.

    If you want to buy a gift that makes him think of you, check out classic photo frames in colors that suit his work area. Put in a favorite picture of the two of you to complete the present.

    Try Survival Tools for Creative Gifts Ideas

    Are you looking for the best gift for a husband who's chomping at the bit for the chance to show off his survival skills in a zombie apocalypse? Even if he just likes to be prepared for outdoor trips, power outages, or other rugged settings, survival items are a popular and thoughtful choice. If you search for gifts by recipient, it's easy to find practical and convenient items for men.

    A Swiss army knife is a traditional survival gift for husbands, giving him everything he needs to get out of any situation. There are many similar items that fit the same purpose. A credit card survival tool fits in his wallet, making it one of the most portable survival gifts available. Make sure he's ready for emergencies with a mini hammer, all-in-one set or a travel screwdriver for on-the-go repairs. Whether he needs to open a package, uncap a beer bottle, or change batteries, he's ready to go with these gift ideas.

    Change Up the Dinner Routine With Culinary Gift Ideas

    Men who spend their free time trying out new barbecue recipes, sampling the craziest hot sauces available, or trying expensive cuts of steak feel at home in the kitchen. Give the man in your life an excuse to linger a little longer with food-themed creative gifts for husbands. Lots of gift sets include items that make it easier to work more efficiently in the kitchen. A high-end knife set can totally change his veggie chopping game or step up his steak prep. A barbecue set could include products for flipping, searing, basting, and serving delicious grilled food. If he's a sports fan, check out specialty cheese boards, including football-shaped options.

    With gift baskets, you can give presents that last all year long, and a lot of themed options focus on food. Consider a spice and seasoning set for making dry rubs, quite possibly the best gift for a husband who is on the hunt for the perfect steak. Other baskets include dried fruit, nuts, sauces, and other types of food. Some include edibles from other countries. Put together a basket of international snacks from a country that he's visited, worked in, or lived in for a study abroad experience to make it even more personal.

    Be the Best Spouse on the Block With Alcohol-Themed Gifts

    For the man who loves a top-shelf whiskey or new craft beer, alcohol-themed gift ideas for husbands are the way to go. Infusion sets are a hands-on option, letting your guy mix up and enjoy his own homemade liquor. Match them with glass decanters that let him proudly display his creations.

    Glasses and cups are another route to explore. Metal mugs that keep drinks properly chilled are excellent gifts for husbands, as are glasses designed specifically for each type of alcohol.

    If you're looking to buy a gift for a husband who likes to sample mixed drinks, there are many options to consider. A creative set of mixers could be ideal, or you could get him a drink mixer.

    Whether this is your first Christmas together or your 50th, Christmas is a time to make your husband feel loved and appreciated. Use these gift ideas to craft the ideal present for your man.