Finding Your Zen: Spa Gift Ideas for the Overworked Person in Your Life

Your loved one works hard all day, and at night enjoys family time, so you want to think of some great spa gift ideas that'll let that special someone rest and relax. Create a home spa experience by thinking about his or her potential aches and pains and finding ways to relieve them. By selecting the right spa gifts that soothe all the senses, you'll allow your family member some moments of peace to unwind.

Gifts to Soothe the Skin

A healthy body begins with good skin, so look for spa gift ideas that make focus on your pores. Body scrubs, soaps, and cleansers all promote clear skin while also releasing pleasant scents for an enjoyable bath time. Body washes, scrubs, and other spa and relaxation products work well as individual gifts, or as part of a larger gift set you create yourself. You'll want to include both a skin cleanser and a body conditioner, to ensure proper skin hydration. Your loved one can get the full spa effect with several styles of body scrubs, from traditional herbal creams to unique spa gifts such as coffee- or charcoal-based options. Add some small items such as floral bar soaps as fillers for a DIY basket. Or, instead of making a basket yourself, you can select a pre-made spa gift basket that already includes all the necessary items for setting a relaxing mood, such as bubbling bath lotion, moisturizing creams, scented soaps and foamy skin products, all wrapped up in a decorative ready-to-give basket.

Gifts to Enhance the Senses

Add another level of enjoyment to your loved one's spa experience with aromatherapy products that set a calming mood. You can give fragrant spa gifts in the form of candles, incense, or even oils. A simple way to provide pleasing aromas is with jars of filled candles that are coordinated by color or in groups with similar scents. For pure fragrances, gift essential oils distilled from nature and combined with exotic seeds. Just a drop massaged onto the neck or wrist will melt away worries. A full aromatherapy set of several oils and perfumes is a unique spa gift that's sure to relax anyone. Adding some small inexpensive decorative gifts such as colorful Zen stones lends appealing visual interest as well.

Gifts to Rest Weary Legs

Perhaps the best spa gifts are ones that work their wonders slowly. Let your loved one unwind with a gentle bath filled with balms and salts that gradually relieve the tension in their muscles, whether it's from working on the job, chasing kids, or making meals. Your loved one will enjoy resting his or her feet in warm water mixed with packets of Himalayan sea salts that lend color and comfort to a nice night of personal attention. After a bath, that overworked superhero can dry off with soft home spa gifts such as a new bath towel set before settling into comfortable pajamas and robes you picked out.

Pampering the feet can be done any time with massaging foot care products. A great spa gift idea for your hardworking family member may be a foot care package. Include a multi-use foot tool that works to scrub away dry tissue and then to smooth and file nails. After the feet are clean and smooth, let your loved one relax with a foot massager. This unique gift soothes sore feet with rolling bars that release tension. Your special someone might also enjoy spa gift sets such as a portable mini foot care package. The compact kit provides a nighttime foot treatment with mint balms that release a cooling calm on the feet, as well as a pair of bedtime socks to control blood flow and release built-up stress.

Gifts that Give a Healing Hand

Your loved one's hands need pampering too, after dealing with the constant strain of work that wears out the skin and tightens the muscles. To alleviate those effects, introduce some spa lover gifts for the hands, sure to recall the experience of an authentic day away at the spa. Therapy packs for hands and nails are one of the best spa gifts because they quickly soothe rough skin and provide peaceful moments. Hand therapy gloves are simple to put on at night for a hand-healing treatment that leaves skin moisturized in the morning. For relief from sore skin, give a spa gift set of soothing hand creams, available in fresh fragrances such as coconut and cucumber. Consider a large tube of fragrant hand cream for use at home and a few smaller tubes of gentle varieties such as vanilla for an on-the-go option to fit in a purse or travel bag.

Make a memorable spa experience for your favorite overworked person by considering his or her needs and finding unique spa gift ideas to calm the senses. By purchasing spa products that alleviate your loved one's aches, you'll allow some simple moments of tranquility.