Sofas, Tables, and More: A Furniture Buying Guide

From Bedroom to Bathroom

If your bedroom houses only a bed and a nightstand, it's definitely time to do some shopping. You can update your master bedroom (or guest bedroom) in a snap with a new headboard. A tall tufted headboard adds a pop of color and a bit of plushness to a room meant for relaxing.

A bedroom is more luxurious with a soft chaise lounge—imagine leaning back on it while reading a good book. More practical furniture, such as upholstered storage benches, are must-have pieces that offer a spot to store linens, a place to sit while putting on your shoes, and an extra burst of style for the room.

It would be a shame to overlook your bathroom and laundry room. There are lots of types of furniture that benefit these rooms such as vintage-inspired laundry hampers and storage caddies. Even cloth-lined baskets offer these rooms a bit more style while also keeping things organized.

One of the best places to play with furniture trends is your entryway. Buy the right pieces to declare your style allegiance in the first room of your house. Rustic wooden furniture lets everyone know that you love farmhouse or shabby chic. A storage bench with clean lines and a bright white exterior can work with almost any style and it's a great place for storing guests' bags, purses, and shoes.

Your Living Spaces

Living rooms and family rooms are aptly named. These are the places where you spend most of your time and the sofa is a gathering place for conversation, games, and movie watching. You can find delicately designed sofas with scroll work and comfy, lived-in sofas meant for plopping down on. With children in the home, you may want to focus on finding durable furniture that will last for years.

Office space is meant for use while working or paying bills, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on looks. Office chairs can be both excitingly stylish and refreshingly ergonomic. Whether you prefer your furniture sleek and mod or tufted and textured, you can find options to suit your taste.

A One-of-a-Kind Kitchen (and Dining Room)

Kitchen essentials like ladles and spatulas may not offer much opportunity to show off your style, but there are plenty of must-have types of furniture that can reflect your unique tastes. A stainless-steel kitchen cart shows off your chef-like tendencies, while a wooden sideboard with storage at the bottom for wine shows you appreciate the finer things.

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but a close second could be the dining room. This is the room where you break bread, make important announcements to family and friends, and toast monumental life events. Designing the room around a single piece of furniture is a great way to set the tone. Go tall with a pub-height table for a casual feel, or choose a wooden extension table to seat ten at a time. Complement with accent pieces, art, shelves, and other types of furniture to make your dining room the place where everyone wants to come for dinner.

Creating Coziness in the Back Yard

Your home doesn't end at the sliding glass door. If you enjoy time outdoors in the nice weather, you likely need some outdoor furniture to accommodate family and guests. Every patio needs comfortable seating and a couple of tables—whether you choose cushioned sectionals or classic loungers like Adirondack chairs in bright colors.

Just a good set for conversation and cocktails may not be enough. You can find plenty of dining furniture for the great outdoors that helps show off your style and ensures everyone can find a place to sit. Decorate with plants, pillows, and other accents. 

Your home should be as comfortable as it is stylish—from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the entryway and patio. Start with one piece or a set that really speaks to you, and build from there. To find furniture that shows off your personal style, check out our extensive collection today.