Small Space Furniture Ideas for College Students 

Now that you've moved from home to a dorm or your own apartment, you're probably looking for some small space furniture ideas. Shopping for all your gear may be exciting, but remember, dorm rooms are notoriously tiny, and if you have a studio or one-bedroom apartment of your own, it's likely small as well, leaving little room for all your needed stuff.To maximize the space, you need to carefully choose your small space furniture. Additionally, try to pick pieces that do double-duty; a storage bench is great for seating as well as a place to keep your shoes, for example.You can find multiuse furniture for small spaces to create a home in your tiny space that's both functional and comfortable. Start with some of these creative ideas, and you'll be on your way to having a dorm room or apartment you'll be proud to show off.

Unique Desk Ideas 

One of the necessities of college life is a desk for homework, research, and studying. In a small apartment, it can be tricky to figure out where a desk will fit, but if you're creative, you can come up with a solution that fits in with your small space furniture design.

Folding Tables

You can find folding side tables that are not only attractive but also useful when you need a place to rest your laptop or books. Pair it with a couple of small dining room chairs, and you've got a place for you and a friend to eat.

Laptop Desks

If you'd prefer to save room for other pieces of small space furniture rather than buy a whole desk, consider a laptop desk. Whether you have a small sofa, loveseat, or just a bed in your place, you can slide a laptop desk over and use it when you need it. When you don't, just move it to the foot of your bed or use it as a side table somewhere.

Small-Profile Desks

Of course, you may need a regular desk if you have a desktop computer. Look for options with a small footprint that won't take up much space but still give you the surface area for your computer and books. Corner desks are ideal for this situation since they make the best use of what is sometimes wasted space. If you need a narrow solution, check out other small space wood furniture besides desks, like console tables or sofa tables. They are wider and narrower than traditional desks but may still have enough room.

Bed and Loveseat vs. Sofa Bed 

You may only need to add one or two pieces to your apartment's furnishings or you may need to start from the bare walls–or somewhere in between. Good thing you have quite a few options when it comes to small space furniture ideas for your sleeping arrangements.

Beds for Small Spaces

Many small space furniture pieces available today come in a variety of styles. A bed in a studio apartment is the centerpiece of your room, so this is the best piece for you to showcase. You'll also want to make sure it can do double-duty. Daybed frames and futons are a stylish alternative to a traditional bed that's comfortable and double as a sofa for guests. 

A Small Sofa Bed

A great sleeping solution when you have a tiny place to call home is a sofa bed. This sort of multiuse furniture for small spaces is a good way to have seating for you and your friends, and then it folds out into a bed when you're ready to call it a night. Day sofas are another choice: the arms fold up to create a small sofa and down for a chaise lounge or a comfy bed for one.

Little Loveseats

If you have little space to spare for seating, a loveseat could be your best option. This type of living room furniture takes up very little floor space. You can find loveseats without arms that create such a small footprint, it's not hard to justify adding this to your small space furniture design. These also work well in some dorm rooms for seating for friends or a comfy place to do your homework.

Before you decide on a sofa bed vs. a bed or loveseat combination, consider the following pros and cons:

Bed and Loveseat

Sofa Bed

Pros: Separates bedroom from living room; provides extra seating; sleep in the bed, do homework from a small living room loveseat.

Pros: Serves two functions in one piece (bed and sofa); clears space in room for other activities (yoga); can be used with laptop table as desk area.

Cons: Only room for two people on a loveseat; not enough room on a loveseat for someone to sleep on; two pieces take up precious floor space.

Cons: No room for others to sleep over; no separate living space from bedroom; you have to convert sofa to bed and back every day.

Shelving and Storage 

Floor space is often prime real estate for your small space furniture, so it's hard to give up that corner or wall for a bookcase, chair, or table. If this is the case, look to your walls as a solution for storage.

Wall Storage

Consider getting some simple shelves or baskets to hang on your walls. Choose lightweight options that can hang on adhesive hooks to protect your walls. You can place these up high to store items you rarely use, which leaves the bottom half of your wall for something else, like your bed or a sofa. When you need to reach those items, pull out a small step ladder—which perhaps you store under a bed or in a closet—and fetch what you need.

Hanging up a shelf or two is one solution, but there are small space furniture design items out there specifically for your needs. You can find select types of contemporary small spaces furniture that includes shelves and hooks that make room for your keys, coats, and books, and it hangs on your wall, which saves so much space. 

Storage Benches

One of the best small space furniture ideas is to use storage benches. These are usually small, have a low-profile, and have hinged lids. You can store toiletries, shoes, seasonal clothing, media, or pretty much anything in them.

Make Your Room Uniquely Yours 

Learning to manage your space and still show off your unique style is easy to do with the right small space furniture ideas. Remember to save your floor space for the most important pieces, such as your bed, sofa, dining table and chairs, or a desk and bookcase. Everything else can be tucked away in smart storage solutions or up high on a shelf. Most of all, have fun shopping for furniture that's designed with your situation in mind.