Getting Started with Small Space Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A standard bedroom suite consists of a bed, dresser, chest of drawers, and two nightstands, but if you’re looking for small space bedroom furniture ideas, you may need to think outside the box. First-time apartments, small houses, and kids’ rooms often don’t have room for a full bedroom furniture collection. So whether you’re buying for your new place or just redecorating, bedroom furniture for small spaces needs to combine beauty and function.

The Bed: The Centerpiece of a Bedroom

Studying, sleeping, listening to music, or just hanging out, most of the time spent in the bedroom is on the bed. The bedroom bed is often the focal point of the room. When it comes to small space bedroom furniture ideas, your first decision is size. How many people are sharing the bed? For children, a twin size is usually sufficient. For singles, a full or queen size offers plenty of room. Most couples opt for a king-size bed but when space is an issue, a queen may be the better option.

Next, consider the style of bed you’d like to have. A traditional bed consists of a box spring and mattress, but in order to save room, consider forgoing the usual headboard and footboard. Instead, use fabric or paint to create a headboard directly on the wall. To create more storage, use a floating shelf on the wall above the bed and use risers to make more storage space under the bed. Bedroom furniture for small spaces can be as decorative or simplistic as you desire.

Another small space bedroom furniture idea is a platform bed. These use a platform base instead of a box spring. Their simplistic design gives the room a less cluttered look. Platform beds come with legs or storage boxes underneath, and both give you plenty of room for winter clothes or shoe storage.

Finally, a wall bed is the most dramatic of space-saving bedroom furniture. Sometimes called a Murphy bed, these beds fold up when not in use. They're wonderful in guest rooms, home offices, or children’s rooms. The bed stores in a closet-type enclosure, and when they're folded up, your entire floor space instantly frees up for other use.

Bedside Tables: Creating Convenience and Practicality

Bedside tables or nightstands offer the convenience of a place to set reading glasses, an alarm clock, or a glass of water at night. They also offer storage for items you use often. However, with bedroom furniture design for small spaces, you may not have room for a conventional nightstand on either side of the bed. Consider using just a small table next to one side of the bed or even a floating shelf mounted to the wall. These options are good for when you just need a place for the alarm clock.

One of the biggest issues with bedroom furniture for small spaces is storage. Using a nightstand with drawers as your bedroom storage furniture gives you room for all types of items, such as socks, underwear, scarves, and other small clothing items. Traditional nightstands usually have only two deep drawers, but a tall, narrow piece might offer three to five smaller drawers to keep items organized.

If you don’t need a nightstand, forgo the option altogether to save room for the pieces you can’t live without, such as a dresser or desk.

Dressers: A Happy Home for All Your Clothing

Dressers tend to be big, bulky pieces of furniture, but thinking outside the box for clothing storage options is a must when looking for small space bedroom furniture ideas. Think vertical: Instead of a wide dresser, look for pieces that are tall and narrow. Lingerie dressers have both deep and shallow drawers, and lots of them. Organize your t-shirts or socks in the bigger drawers, and use the smaller drawers for jewelry, makeup, or accessories.

A wardrobe is an excellent piece of bedroom furniture for small spaces. Look for ones that are more shallow and offer shelves and drawers instead of hanging space. You can store more clothing by folding and stacking it, and the higher shelves offer storage for items used less often, such as blankets or bedding.

Modern bedroom furniture for small spaces uses nontraditional furniture in new ways. Consider using a bookshelf for your clothing: They take up less floor space, offer plenty of shelves for folded clothing, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make a door for it with a curtain and rod, and use decorative storage baskets to make it more practical and decorative.

Bedroom furniture design for small spaces takes some planning and creativity. Small spaces furniture should multitask whenever possible, such as a bed with storage underneath or a nightstand that doubles as clothing storage. Also, look for furniture that’s designed for other parts of the house. A dining room hutch can easily be used as a dresser or a small plant table utilized as a nightstand. With a little bit of creativity, bedroom furniture for small spaces can create a cozy yet efficient space.