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Sleeper Sofas and Sofa Beds

Sleeper sofas and sofa beds offer easy ways to introduce sleeping areas to every room, even those with limited space. Whether you're searching for ways to incorporate a bedroom into a studio apartment or just want a place for guests to use, these pieces are designed for comfort.

Mattress Sizes

A bed is just a frame without a mattress. As you look at sofa beds, it's important to know what mattress size is recommended for the frame. Finding the right fit is crucial to the pull-out sofa bed working properly and keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

Mattress SizeDimensions (On Average)Details
Twin34-35 x 74-76 inchesOnly holds one occupant or two smaller children;
Popular among children's furniture options
Full53-54 x 74-75 inchesCommonly associated with sofa beds;
Can fit two people
Queen60 x 80 inchesAccommodates a higher maximum weight;
Comfortably holds more than one person
King76 x 80 inchesAlong with California king mattresses, the largest size on the market;
Relies on a larger-than-normal frame, sometimes sectionals, to maintain stability

Padding and Cushions

Padding is crucial to make your living room sofa comfortable. It may be anywhere throughout the sofa but is commonly found in the back or arms of the pieces. Foam is standard for comfort, and the rule is the more padding, the better. Other versions of backing feature additions such as feathers for a softer, lighter feel.

When the bed's not in use, cushions also play a part in making a comfortable sitting area. Some cushions have one block of stuffing under their covers, while other use torn, shredded, or mixed layers of various soft materials. The bed's mattress also includes its own padding. With options ranging from memory foam to gel, the padded part of a mattress provides for optimum comfort. For sofa beds located in hotter climates, cooling materials that retain their temperature throughout the night are a great choice.


When it comes to sofa beds, the upholstery can be just as important as the mattress itself. Upholstery influences everything from your comfort level to the lifespan of sofas and loveseats.

FabricCharacteristicsBenefits For Sofa Beds
LeatherThis natural material resists stains and maintains its appearance after continuous use. It's also an excellent choice for people with allergies.The design of any sleeper sofa presents a natural balance between the material and its frame. After consistent use of a pull-out sofa bed, the leather retains its shape as well as its texture.
VinylVinyl is a resilient choice that echoes retro patterns and editions.Vinyl's easy-to-clean properties are great for sofa beds used by children. The material quickly throws off water and moisture off. A slick surface also makes it easy to maintain over time.
ClothCloth fabrics are popular in sofa bed designs because they are affordable and comfortable. Patterns and various textures give the category a wide range of selections tailored to any decor.Cloth's soft properties make them a top choice for seating arrangements, including sofa beds. A textured woven sofa highlights the versatility as well as the support found in cloth versions.
SilkSilk is extremely soft and presents a smooth texture that complements the bed's design.Ornamental sofa beds showcase silk's beautiful sheen and luxurious finish. When in use, the silk outer fabric seamlessly meshes with the mattress' velvety textures. When paired with metal frames, the fabric seems to carry a glow as it helps reflect light between surfaces.

Additional Features

Sofa beds come in more sizes and configurations than the standard couch. Sectionals, as well as other furniture pieces, feature variations that are similar to their sofa counterparts. For example, an espresso sofa and side pieces combine to form a full sectional. The sofa itself forms the bed, while the framing side pieces create a balanced, bookend design  

While sofa beds fit into any decor theme, they are especially at home in traditional and classic styles. When you have limited space, a reversible chaise design does double duty in the room without the need for extra space for setting up the bed. These selections rely on a frameless structure that lies on or close to the floor. The padding measures several inches thick to provide the comfort level found in a regular mattress. Cushions on reversible selections often act as the pillows for sleepers. That feature alone saves space and time when setting up a full bed layout.

Sofa beds are a popular choice because they combine the best features of living areas and bedrooms. The best one for your home and apartment often relies on the features you deem important, such as mattress size. Find the sofa bed of your dreams now, as well as other popular furniture options, including wood sofas, stylish tables, and comfortable chairs.