5 Shower Curtain Ideas to Brighten Your Bathroom

Your shower is the perfect place to hide away after a busy day of work, and we know that fun shower curtain ideas can make your bathroom even more of a retreat.

We don't have anything against a plain, clear shower curtain; in fact, sometimes it can tone down a bathroom that's already full of decor and color. However, there's no reason not to have a little fun and decorate with creative shower curtains. Beyond just keeping water off the floor and keeping your shower steamy, a curtain is another layer of decoration. We recommend starting with your bathroom's color or design theme and going from there as you check out different options.

Say Aloha to Island-Themed Creative Shower Curtains

If you haven't taken a vacation in who-knows-how-long, and the closest you've been to the beach in years is the community pool, we feel you. That's why we like island-themed creative shower curtains. Get the feel of walking through the jungle with a shower curtain that has tropical flora and fauna. These options have tons of bright colors, so they're super fun for early morning showers when you need a little help perking up. We're also obsessed with shower curtain ideas featuring island animals and landscapes. If you have an ocean or sea life theme in your bathroom, keep it going with options exuding island vibes.

Bold and Beautiful Bathroom Design

Soft delicate prints are beautiful, no doubt; right now, though, we're all about shower curtain collections with bold prints. Life is short, so we say pack in all the crazy prints and loud colors you can. Paisley is a fun option that has stood the test of time, and even better, it's available in a huge variety of color palettes. It's a popular pattern, so it's easy to match with your other bath accessories. If paisley is a little too much for you, consider striped designs. Many popular shower curtains have stripes of varying sizes and colors, creating an eclectic design that diversifies your bathroom.

Oh-So Ombre

Not only is ombre a major hair trend, it's also taken over the world of home decor, and we love it. What an easy way to get a variety of colors and tones in your decor without actually having to pick out matching colors! You get to look like a design expert without spending hours poring over color swatches.

Ombre brings a trendy, modern feel to any room, so these options are popular shower curtains for neutral-toned bathrooms or those without a prevailing design theme.

For those struggling to come up with a design, we recommend starting with ombre shower curtain ideas and moving forward from there. Since ombre designs include a wide variety of shades, it's easy to pick bed and bath products that match. Hit any of the tones in the curtain, and you're good to go. With some creative shower curtains that include multiple colors in their ombre designs, you have an even bigger variety of color options to match.

Shower Meditation with Mandalas

If you need a little Zen during your daily shower, look no further than mandala shower curtain collections. These options feature evenly balanced designs that radiate out from one central point so you can let your mind unwind as you zone out. Mandalas feature beautifully calming patterns with tons of intricate details, adding a new level of design to the bathroom.

No matter which colors you like, you can find creative shower curtains with mandalas in your chosen color scheme. Most options feature bright, bold colors that unapologetically brighten up the entire room. Whether you're looking for dozens of shades of a single color or the entire rainbow, there are mandala curtains that satisfy.

Off-the-Hook Style with Shower Curtain Hooks

You've picked the perfect option from the wide variety of shower curtain ideas available, but don't forget about the rings. Matching your shower curtains and rings takes your design game to the next level. You could go with a simple set of silver rings, but if you're all about being quirky, consider something unique. Consider shower curtains and rings that feature tiny birds holding onto the curtain or a multicolored set that accents the palette of the bathroom. Many popular shower curtains have matching ring options.

Your bathroom can be a welcoming place that displays your personal style; we recommend making a statement with creative shower curtains. You could complement a neutral color scheme with a bright, bold curtain, or turn down the color on a brightly colored bathroom with more muted options. Pick a curtain that checks every box on your list, order the right curtain rods and hardware and you're ready to go. Whether you want patterns and animals or flora and landscapes, check out different shower curtain collections to start your search.