Rug Collections That Will Fit Your Living Room Space

The perfect rug makes a living room come to life. Available in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials, these accent pieces are both functional and decorative, adding comfort and style to one of the most important spaces in your home. Armed with some knowledge, you can choose the best rugs for your living room, and transform the look and feel of this area. 

First Things to Consider

The living room is often the central part of the house as it's where members of your family will spend a lot of time. Choosing a piece that fits the purpose of your living room, whether it's a place to sit to watch TV or where the kids play on the floor, is extremely important.

The size of your living room is going to play a fairly large part in dictating the size of your floor covering. One that's too small will look out of place. If you have a very large living room, consider the possibility of multiple rugs to open up varying uses for certain parts of the room. You can use more durable floor runners where the TV and consoles are for your children and a more luxurious one for yourself near some natural light so you can feel the texture under your feet while reading.

If you already own all the furniture and decorations you need for your living room, your new floor covering is going to need to fit in with all of it. You'll need to take careful note the room's colors, furniture placement, and flow in order to pick out the most appropriate piece.

Everybody knows that silk is luxurious, but did you know that you can get rugs made from viscose, which is just as pleasing to the eye and more affordable? Looking for colors vastly different from your initial imagination can affect your living room in ways you hadn't thought of before.

The way that you arrange your floor covering and your furniture can also have a dramatic effect on the living room. If you're trying to avoid a lot of foot traffic going back and forth over it, you might want to place it out of well-traveled areas. Is there a strong chance of possible stains from children and pets? A darker rug or a more stain-resistant one can be a great solution here.

Choosing the Perfect Rug for Your Living Space

Knowing what you want from your rug is the first step towards making a purchase. If you're a tactile person, you'll love the feel of the cushion under your feet. Some feel softer than others, such as wool and silk, and they definitely add to your comfort level.

Your floor might be cold during certain times of the day or night, and a well-thought-out rug can give you that feeling of warmth that you might otherwise be lacking. The atmosphere you're trying to create in your living room is greatly affected by the type of rug you get, as well as the placement of it

Matching the Rug Size to Your Room

Before you start measuring everything, there are a few things to consider. If you're basing the size of the area rug on your furniture placement, how will you be arranging things? There are three main ways to do so: with all of your furniture legs on the rug, just the front legs on it, or no legs at all on it. This is really down to your personal preference and, although important, it shouldn't be the only deciding factor for the size.

Another way to go determine the right size is to match the width of the rug to the width of your largest piece of furniture, leaving inches extra on each side to complete the look. Measuring the length of the living room will allow you to plan the full length that you need with precision.

How Color Affects the Feel of Your Room

The color of your floor covering can have a tremendous impact on how your room looks. With the right colors, you can even invoke desired emotions. If you want your living room to appear larger, lighter colors like white are a nice choice. Yellows are great at reflecting the light and can make a good substitute for white, too.

To help blend everything together, softer shades work better with reds and oranges; however, if you often have a lot of natural light, cool colors like blues are your best bet. If you're looking for a more tranquil feeling, muted tones are an excellent choice as they aren't as instantly eye-catching and won't divert your attention as much.

Along with the color, the pattern will have an impact, too. The main thing to keep in mind here is that the pattern should scale appropriately to the room. In general, the larger the room, the larger the pattern it will support. There are exceptions to this though; for example, small rooms with lots of furniture might also look good with larger patterns.

There are an abundance of rug designs available. They can match your paintings, pieces of art, or the cushions on your furniture. Matching patterns can be an excellent way to bring the room together.

Why You'll be Happier with the Right Material

Your floor covering is going to be with you for a long time. Choosing the right material goes a long way to increasing it’s longevity. Four materials that you can pick from include wool, silk, viscose, and synthetic. When choosing a material, keep in mind the day-to-day use of the room, who's using it, and what it's being used for.

Wool from live, healthy sheep makes for some of the best natural fiber rugs. They're very durable, especially if they're going to be walked on a lot. Silk is a luxury item and has a very light, smooth texture. It's also the most eye catching. It's fairly durable but can stain easily, so it may not be best for a high-traffic or children’s areas. Viscose is a nice alternative to silk. These rugs cost less and are very attractive. Viscose makes for a happy medium between silk and synthetic.

If you're expecting a lot of spills, dirt, or anything else that might stain, a synthetic material would make a great choice. They're good at resisting stains, and the're also wonderful as an outdoor rug

Now that you know how to choose a rug for a living room, you can make better decisions about what type will fit your needs the best. Whether you're looking for a large woolen rug that will help bring comfort to your living room or a luxury silk piece with an intricate design for your own personal pleasure, the perfect rug is out there.