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Useful and Fun Retirement Gift Ideas for the Aspiring Traveler 

Are you looking for retirement gift ideas for a friend, loved one, or coworker? This is a major life milestone, so when someone you know retires, it’s something you should acknowledge. It’s customary to give a retiree a gift to congratulate them or thank them for being a valued employee. Check out these retirement gift ideas to find something ideal for anyone who plans to travel with all this new free time. 

Thank-You Gifts 

Giving thank-you gifts to employees hanging up their hats shows them that you appreciate the years of service they’ve dedicated to your company and wishes them well in any future endeavors. The best retirement gifts aren’t overly elaborate, but they are personal. They show the recipients that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes, which makes them feel special.So, when looking for retirement gift ideas for your employees who are also aspiring travelers, keep it simple. Consider gifting travel journals or look for gift sets that include items the adventurers may need along the way. Choosing gift baskets filled with snacks from around the world also works well for retirees planning excursions, as they can learn about the various food types they may run into. Other options include beautiful globes that make lovely conversation pieces or framed maps they can use to plot each course.

Creative Retirement Gifts 

Many people enjoy receiving creative retirement gifts because they show that you put a lot of thought into the presents. Making your own gifts also lets you pick and choose travel-related items specifically for any recipient. For example, look for items such as travel mugs, stationery, or the latest must-have traveling books. Then, place the items into a large basket to put the final touches on the present.

Charm bracelets also make ideal picks for retirees who aspire to travel. This way, they can purchase a new charm from each location visited to fill the bracelet with memories of their excursions. Alternatively, give your friend, coworker, or loved one a scratch-off map of the United States or the world. When they arrive in each country or state, they remove that portion of the map — these make perfect gifts for anyone with a goal to visit all 50 states or every country in the world.

If you're a crafty person, consider making the present yourself. Some retirement gift ideas that you could easily make include a photo album containing pictures of times that you spent with your friend or an album filled with photos taken at work over the years. You can decorate a photo frame in a travel-inspired theme. Consider using embellishments that represent various major destinations or ones related to the places that top the person's travel bucket list. Make a bucket list journal for your coworker to fill out along the way. Chances are, they already have a list started, but the items on the list may change or it may grow mid-adventure. Also, if you make a journal that includes destination ideas and a bucket list, consider adding a few notes of your own, such as suggestions that include places and times you might be able to join your friend on the journey.

Practical Retirement Gifts 

Retirement gift ideas don’t have to be creative, as people who travel frequently need practical items as well. Consider giving guidebooks related to popular locations or prints showing the layouts of major airports to help them find their way. Other practical gifts include:

  • Packing cubes
  • RFID wallets
  • Passport holders
  • Backpacks or carry-on bags
  • Luggage sets
  • Dictionaries that show words and phrases in various languages

  • Also, cameras make perfect retirement gift ideas for people planning excursions. You don't even need to purchase a fancy model; a mid-range digital camera works well.

    Fun, Easy-to-Transport Retirement Gifts 

    When you’re looking for retirement gift options, be sure to incorporate the fun stuff. For example, a crafty retiree might enjoy a travel-related scrapbook to fill with photos from different destinations. If your friend loves coffee, consider a travel-sized coffee press or coffee maker, along with small packages of favorite ground bends and flavors. Subscriptions to music or video streaming services or monthly book clubs also make ideal presents for aspiring travelers. This way, they stay entertained during those long layovers. If your recipient has a bit of technical know-how and enjoys writing, consider setting up a travel blog or website that they can update throughout their trips. You could design the site yourself or pay to have a website professionally created.

    It isn’t difficult to find amazing gifts by occasion for retirees who plan to spend a lot of time trekking around the nation or world. Simply keep your friend, coworker, or loved one’s interests in mind when it’s time to buy retirement gifts, and you're sure to find just the right pick that fits their needs and personality.