Quality Deck Furniture: Pieces to Add to Your Outdoor Space

The number of chairs to get depends on how you want to use your outdoor space. Is it the family’s relaxation spot or will it be used for entertaining guests? Get pillows and cushions to enhance comfort. Make sure the fabric is designed for outdoor use so you can enjoy using them for many seasons. Material that’s UV-protected and resistant to fading and mildew is also a smart choice, as are cushions with polyester fillers, which dry out quickly after exposure to moisture.

Style is another thing to think about when buying deck furniture. You can choose among different styles of chairs, including dining chairs, loungers, sofas, rocking chairs, love seats, couches, recliners, and benches. When shopping around, carefully consider construction. Will the seat shift or flex as it takes your weight? Are the legs solid and sturdy? You’ll likely be spending most of your time sitting rather than utilizing any other outdoor furniture, so it helps to take your time on this part.

Dining table

An attractive dining table can set the theme for your outdoor space. Get one that best accommodates the number of people who’ll be using the patio regularly. If you’re a social butterfly and like entertaining family and friends often, you may want to invest in quality outdoor dining furniture where guests can gather to have a meal or drinks. To save space, a drop-leaf, collapsible table is a good option since it can be tucked away after use.


A hammock enhances the relaxing ambiance of your patio. There are several types to choose from, such as rope, quilted, and quick-dry. If you want to stay cool and comfortable during warm days, a rope or quilted hammock is ideal. If the hammock is situated near a pool, a quick-dry version made of outdoor polyester fabric may be a better option since it’s water-resistant. Throw in a couple of pillows and cushions for an inviting look.


When it comes to your outdoor space, don’t limit your deck furniture choices to the basic chairs and tables. Other outdoor accent furniture can be added to make your area more functional. How about a serving cart that can easily transport necessary items in and out of the house? A few side tables are perfect for nibbles and drinks, while a towel rack is handy if you have a swimming pool beside your patio.

Also, don’t forget the shade covers. It can get hot during the summer, and you want to be able to relax on deck furniture that's located in the shade. Big trees in your backyard are a plus, but if you don’t have them, you can get a patio umbrella to provide shade anywhere. Get one with UV-resistant fabric and a strong, solid frame.

Other Things to Consider

The size of your outdoor area determines the size of your deck furniture. A spacious patio can have a lounging area and dining area. If there’s not enough space, get creative and make your patio into one versatile space that can function either as a relaxing location or a party area. Just be careful of oversized pieces as they can make a small outdoor space look cramped.

Take notes from cafes and bistros that are making good use of the limited space they have. They often use narrower tables along with stools for seating so they can accommodate more people without taking up too much space.

If you’re not sure what size deck furniture to get, write down the dimensions of your outdoor space and compare them with the furniture sizes of the pieces you like. There should be enough space around your furniture for you and your guests to walk comfortably.


Your deck furniture arrangement can impact how your guests interact with each other. Limited seating options encourage them to mingle, while abundant seating will prompt them to lounge around. Also think about what surface the deck furniture will stand on. Is it on large mats or hardwood decking? Get chairs and table legs with rubber tips or glides to protect your deck from scratches.


Consider the weather in your area when choosing quality deck furniture. Is it sunny all year or are there rainy months? You want a material that can withstand years of wear and tear from the outdoor elements. The more extreme the weather, the more durable the material should be. A popular choice is outdoor wicker furniture, but you may opt for other durable materials like redwood, cypress, rattan, steel, wrought iron, aluminum, plastic, or PVC.


Some outdoor materials require more maintenance than others. You want deck furniture that requires little maintenance so you can spend more time relaxing and mingling with family and friends. Furniture made of teak, stainless steel, resin, and aluminum are quite forgiving and require minimal care.


Realistically, your deck furniture won’t be outdoors all year long, especially if there’s no overhead cover. During the winter months, you need to be able to move your furniture into a shed or garage so it’s safe from the harsh elements. If your storage space is limited, consider getting double-duty deck furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is perfect if you’re on a budget since you can have hardworking furniture that can be used in all seasons. Another option is to fit your furniture into zippered covers. With the right care, your quality deck furniture will last a lot longer.

Make a list of what you want to do with your space to help make the process of buying outdoor seating and lounge furniture easier. Spend some time learning about top deck furniture options to ensure you pick pieces that are durable, effective, and comfortable. It’s an investment to buy deck furniture, but once your outdoor space is fully furnished, you’ll have a space you can enjoy using for the years to come.