Popular Kids' Books That Will Get Your Child Into Reading

Reading is more than a skill, and with the help of popular kids' books, it's a way to introduce your children to worlds both real and imagined. Finding the right ones to stoke their love of reading often depends on what your kids enjoy. With so many children's book choices out there, there's something for everyone. 

Fun with Flip Books

Your kids' favorite animated characters come to life in fun flip books. Whether on its own or accompanied with other books, the design of these popular kids' books stays the same. To enjoy the story, simply flip through the pages at a high speed for your young ones to see them come to life. Some of these types of kids' books give you the chance to personalize the experience with your children's names or pictures.

Brain Builders: Riddles and Puzzles

Kids' books can improve your youngsters' problem-solving skills as they tackle fun, engaging riddles and puzzles. Riddles focus on topics they enjoy and are tailored to their age groups. Puzzle varieties offer pages that they can trace or draw on. With a puzzle or maze per page, these popular kids' books are sure to help the time fly during those long road trips. Depending on your little ones' vocabulary levels, take a chance on crossword or word search puzzle books. These are customized to their reading levels and can help them improve their comprehension skills.

All the Classics

Some stories are timeless and books featuring classic tales are the perfect way to pass them on to a new generation. Anthologies hold multiple stories and fairy tales in one, easy-to-carry book, while others may focus on one single tale. Selections from this category also prepare them for the works they'll encounter in future years. As you buy kids' books, you can also create unique collections of their favorites.

Classic tales often give your children lessons about learning and tackling life's toughest moments. These popular kids' books convey timeless ideals in easy-to-read and understand formats. Crafted by some of the world's best-known authors, these stories are delightful choices for bedtime. During the school day, your youngsters can carry them for fun solutions to the boring, midday blues. Age-appropriate versions of the best kids' books also make the perfect gifts for milestone birthdays.

Get Creative with How-Tos

Learning can be fun with how-to reads. One of the most popular subgenres in this category is books related to kids' arts and crafts. The best kids' books show them creative, age-appropriate projects that they can easily complete without adult supervision. In other cases, they offer projects that you and your children can do together. This genre is perfect for bonding and enjoying those special moments that you and your kids will never forget.

How-to books can do more than offer artistic inspiration. These popular kids' books also teach them important skills. Cookbooks showcase easy-to-fix recipes that are safe for selected age groups. With adult supervision, your young chefs can create some tasty dishes that you and they will love. For all-around solutions, some of the best kids' books offer information on a wide range of topics from knot tying for young scouts to playing their first youth sports.

Coloring Books (for Colorful Personalities!)

When you think about the best kids' books for young readers, look no further than coloring books. While most are familiar with these gifts for kids for their creative elements, many come with words as well. As your little ones color their way through a myriad of adventures, they'll get exposure to a wide range of stories, ideas, and quotes that set them on the path to reading excellence.

You don't need crayons to make your kids artists. They can use many coloring books with other mediums such as:

  • Finger paints 
  • Markers 
  • Colored pencils 
  • Kids' watercolor paints
  • Perfect Pop-Up Books

    The standard for kids' books, these selections remain a favorite for children of all ages. They feature bold 3D cutouts that stand out on each open page. They come with sliding paper pull tabs with some cutouts to create the appearance of movement. Having the representation stand out gives your little ones a point of reference for the text and helps them relate to the material. The best kids' books in this category make thoughtful gifts for students just starting elementary school.

    While some pop-ups display magical, imaginary elements, others can become teaching tools. Featuring everything from a guide to the planets to historical figures, these detailed pop-up kids' books provide new ways of seeing the past, present, and future of the world around us. Use them in conjunction with lesson plans or current assignments to create an enhanced learning experience.

    Teaching your children to love books at an early age creates a love that lasts a lifetime. From quick puzzles to classic tales, each choice gives your kids a new chance to experience creativity, imagination, and learning. Give your youngsters the gift of reading with the best selection of books.