Picking Out Bedroom Furniture for Small Spaces

Multi-Purpose Pieces

When looking at bedroom furniture for small spaces, consider how many functions it can serve. Multi-purpose pieces save space and help you combine the features of several items into one selection. For example, headboards that double as bookshelves can also help you eliminate a nightstand. Many choices from this category incorporate storage spaces to hold everything from your most prized trophies to that shoe collection you just can't live without. When it comes to storage, removable pieces, as well as permanent items, give you a tailored solution to protecting your valuables. They are also the inspiration for many small space bedroom furniture ideas and plans.

Optical Illusions

Sometimes there's more than meets the eye when it comes to bedroom furniture for small spaces. Pieces that trick you into believing a room is much larger than it really is can turn small spaces into dream spaces. When considering contemporary small spaces furniture, four-poster beds move eye lines up and create a sense of additional depth. But it's not just the pieces that change the dynamic of small space bedroom furniture ideas. The tones and textures of items can make a difference as well. A great example of this is found in wooden items bring a feeling of coziness to limited spaces.

Pick a Style

Whether contrasting or complementing an area, it's important to know what themes and styles are already in the space. Many of the best small space bedroom furniture ideas revolve around a singular theme. While some styles focus on one theme, offering only retro or modern elements, others offer transitional choices that introduce more than one theme into an area.

StyleCharacteristicsPieces and Items That Complement the LookTips
RusticTime-worn pieces;
Warm metallic tones;
Natural woods
Small space bedroom furniture ideas for this category often include an unfinished wood bed. Side tables can be made of natural materials like logs or stumps.Copper offers a great metallic look for these spaces. Try adding it in storage elements, or introduce fabric with a coppery appearance to small spaces furniture.
Shabby ChicClassic finishes;
New pieces made to look older than they actually are;
Real antiques that have faded or worn from decades of use
Shabby chic accents are often a popular choice when updating a bedroom furniture design for a small space. Lamps and mirrors may turn a traditional space into one with a shabby chic mentality.Take new, unfinished pieces and give them your own shabby chic details.
ContemporarySleek lines;
Cold metallic tones;
Minimal details
Steel frame beds with a mirrored appearance and shine are examples of modern bedroom furniture for small spaces and accentuate a contemporary motif.Bring a minimalist style to your contemporary space by introducing stark white throw pillows or fabric.
TransitionalCombination of modern and retro stylingRetro pieces like Formica tables or similarly themed small spaces wood furniture pieces next to bold, modern accents.Try to find balance throughout the space. For example, if a room has contemporary wall decor, look for classically themed furniture pieces.
RetroAnything that represents another decade;
Commonly thought of regarding trends or styles from the 1900s to early 2000s;
Usually focuses on one decade or period, instead of mixing items from different ones
Every decade has its own trends and fads, so pieces in this category cover a range of styles. Colors cover a broad spectrum from bold palettes to muted hues.Stay within a particular style or trend when establishing small space bedroom furniture ideas. It emphasizes the look and keeps your space on point.

Think About Sizing

Keep a space's measurements in mind while remaining open to creativity. It's a great way to encourage small space bedroom furniture ideas that will stand out as you maintain comfort. For example, mismatched pieces could bring new definition to the space. Larger pieces, like a small living room loveseat, may take up more space, but it could be worth it in terms of design and use.

Materials Matter

Materials make a difference when you're planning a bedroom design for small spaces. From the shine of a decorative small mirror to the muted earth tones of cotton sheets, materials shape and define how we see a bedroom. Mirrored pieces are popular among small space bedroom furniture ideas. Mirrors are great because they add depth and perspective to a small room. Place more than one small mirror on the walls, or go for a large mirror to bring the effect to life. Wood is another versatile material that can change up a space. Darker-hued or stained woods shrink perspective and complement areas with a high ceiling.

Taking the time to come up with small space bedroom furniture ideas gives you a chance to make your space work for you, no matter its size. Look past the square footage of the area to see its potential, and find an array of themes that work well with your sense of style. Shop today to find new additions that bring comfort and fashion to your own small space bedroom.