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Personalize Your Entryway with Unique Foyer Furniture

Tables that Make a Statement

Size and shape matter when it comes to selecting a foyer table. Before selecting a table, measure the space. While length and width are often your first thought, keep an eye out for defining shapes. Some foyers will stand out with circular pieces, and others are best outfitted with elongated furnishings.

What You Want from a TableGreat ChoicesWhy They Work
A focal point that will stand outRound or oval tablesRound tables are usually placed in the center of the foyer. They can work in even small entryways.
A space saverRectangular entryway tablesWhen space is limited, rectangular entryway tables are ideal foyer furniture because they can be set against a wall.
Modern stylingConsole tables featuring special materialsConsole tables offer an easy way to bring modern styling to any foyer. Models with glass or metal elements are especially useful when going for a modern theme.
Vintage detailsMid-century selections representing foyer furniture styles from the 40s, 50s, or 60sIf you're looking for retro pieces, consider mid-century entryway furniture. Use them with pieces from other decades to create a contrasting style that will keep guests talking.
An emphasis on storageTables with racks or drawersTables are excellent for concealing additional storage. Some have built-in compartments that are hidden under the surface, while others feature racks for hanging or drawers for small items.

Distinct Seating Arrangements that Combine Relaxation and Style

Short benches are useful when you need a spot to put on your rain boots before heading out for the day or to set your bags down when you come in from shopping. Some entryway benches are covered with plush fabrics such as velvet, making them elegant and eye-catching foyer furniture. Those with lids or covers also offer storage space for items you might need before heading out for a day in the park or a night on the town. For rectangular foyers, consider a long bench with a shoe rack underneath to save space. Both padded and solid wood benches are popular entryway furniture selections.

Choices that You Never Expected but Will Always Remember

Other rooms may hold the key to finding unique foyer furniture that will help your home stand out. Try bringing together distinct, natural textures like bamboo or teak to achieve a calming effect. For transitional foyer furniture, introduce metallic tones to the space with accents, such as a coat rack or umbrella stand.

Room Pieces That Might Work in Your FoyerTips 
Living roomAccent chairs, chaises, bookcasesSmall chaise loungers accentuate the space while giving you a comfortable place to sit after a busy day. Their soft, but alluring shape make them popular living room furniture.
BedroomNightstands, dressersPlace two or three nightstands together to create a unique table design. It's an excellent choice when storage is important to your plans for the foyer.
KitchenBar stools, China cabinets, wine racksUse a wine rack as a standalone piece in any part of the foyer. It's more than just a place to hold vintage selections; these racks are also handy for organizing scarves and hats.
BathroomLinen baskets, hampers, wall-mounted shelving unitsLinen baskets and hampers are some of the most unique foyer furniture choices. These soft-sided necessities can be a versatile solution in small areas.

Coat and Hat Racks Are the Heroes of the Foyer

Coat and hat racks are versatile hall furniture pieces. Introduce them into your foyer to add a touch of style. Wooden models have a classic appearance, while metal can bring modern themes to the forefront. Small racks are a useful accessory for couples who are just moving into their first home. Large wood coat hooks are good for holding heavy winter coats and rain gear. To add natural appeal to your foyer, consider hooks and other accents made of textured wood, which is attractive and also durable enough to stand up to wear.

Surprising Storage Solutions

Foyers often need storage spaces for everyday items. If you're searching for unique foyer furniture that delivers when it comes to storage, think about what you plan on storing and how the pieces will fit into your current home decor themes. Woven baskets are an example of multipurpose items that work well with many designs. If space is limited, look for fold-away baskets or hampers that can be put aside when not in use. Add a contemporary design to accent foyer furniture by using closet racks and storage systems as display units. Many are strong enough to support art or book collections.

Unique foyer furniture can help you create an entryway that reflects your personal sense of style. Consider each piece's construction, durability, and storage potential as well as its look and you'll have a foyer that's both functional and attractive.