Shopping for Summer: Patio Furniture Buying Tips 

Summertime typically involves plenty of backyard barbecues and parties, which is why you need to prepare your home for company with high-quality patio furniture. With such pleasant weather, most people choose to keep the party going outside, meaning your guests need somewhere to sit and relax. Whether you eat outside or simply socialize, having the right patio furniture gives you a proud place to host a party.

Before you shop for furniture, you need to know what you want to change and how to buy pieces that withstand the test of time. Choosing a single piece to add or purchasing a complete collection requires planning. Let these patio furniture buying tips point you in the right direction.

Decide Which Patio to Decorate 

A patio can be found in three different areas of the house, which all need the right patio furniture: the front, the backyard, and the balcony. The right seating in each area is crucial for entertaining. To save time on setting up the arrangement, consider the use of fully assembled patio furniture.

The front patio to the home is part of an entrance, which means that you have the chance to create a welcoming ambiance. Decorate with bold colors and patterns on pillows to accent the furniture, such as a swing or a loveseat for yourself or guests to relax in front of your home. 

A balcony is found on a home with two or more stories or on an apartment building, and it's the perfect getaway from the rest of the home at the end of a long day. If you decorate this area with patio furniture, consider the time you spend there. If you like to relax with the sunrise, you may only need a chair that is comfortable and a cushion that is resistant to water. However, if you use this area to have a coffee or another snack, a simple end table or a coffee table has a timeless appearance that lasts through the seasons.

The backyard patio typically offers the most versatility. It often has enough space to use an area rug, which offers an elegant way to create a seating area or for a dining table and chairs. No matter which patio you choose, every designer recommends keeping a clear walkway to create a balanced flow to the space.

Create a List of What You Want Before Shopping 

When planning a new look for your yard, it’s important to know exactly what kind of patio furniture you want. Brainstorm some choice pieces, and put them down on a list that you can reference while browsing. Add new ideas as you explore, turning the list into a patio furniture comparison chart that will help you more easily visualize what will ultimately work for your space.  

Choosing Your Outdoor Motif 

Once you know what pieces you want to include, it’s easier to decide what you can do with the patio furniture. For a playful look, choose patterns that feature bold colors, like oranges, yellows, blues, and other bright hues. If you want the yard to look more French country, use lighter colors. Black, white, and espresso patio furniture items are balanced ways to incorporate a refined and classic feel. No matter what you choose, keep your color scheme in mind with each selection. 

Preparing a Seating Area 

In any social gathering, you need places for guests and loved ones to relax and converse. There are many factors to consider as you look for the right chairs and couches, which can be easily broken into a few concerns – comfort, stability, and quality. The easiest step is to find comfortable seating arrangements, since this aspect of furniture is easily modified. The right shape in a seat helps to maintain comfort, but the best part about most patio furniture is that pillows and cushions can be added to make them softer. The color scheme of the cushions brings any outdoor area together but be sure to put away the pillows during rainy weather to preserve their appearance.

Use all-weather patio furniture for an outdoor arrangement that is both fashionable and functional. There are multiple materials to choose from, like wrought iron, resin wicker, or wood. Wrought iron is heavy, which makes it an ideal material for patio furniture that remains in the same spot through the seasons. Resin wicker withstands the elements well and is just right for chairs that guests move around, such as at a dining table. Wood has the rustic and adaptable appearance that other products don’t, but you need to look for furniture that has a smooth and sealed finish, which protects it from warping with rain exposure.

Even with the right seating included with a patio furniture set, you must consider the number of available spaces for your guests to sit. Rather than filling the yard with a bunch of scattered chairs, try finding pieces that have two functions, like ottomans and benches. Use these for added storage as well as added seating. Place end tables near couches for extra space to put down drinks and plates so you make the most of the space you have with a balanced arrangement of patio furniture.

Consider Maintenance 

Each new piece of patio furniture is something that you want to keep for years, so you should consider how much work you need to put into maintaining it. Most furniture designed for outdoor use is fairly strong and resistant to the elements, but there’s often cleaning or protection steps involved with more refined selections. Most metal or wicker furniture is fairly self-sufficient, but you may need to wipe it down periodically to ensure that the finish remains intact over time. Wood items should be refinished and protected as necessary to keep moisture from soaking in. However, no matter what materials you choose, if rain is common in your area, buy a patio furniture cover to protect the various chairs and tabletops, or purchase folding patio furniture that can be stored away when necessary.

Regardless of your personal style and chosen colors, the most important part of decorating a patio is to choose high-quality patio furniture. With the right planning, you'll easily create an elegant and trendy outdoor area, ready for company at a moment’s notice. Next time you take in the sunset in the evening, take a look around and see what you can do to revamp your patio furniture, whether you add one classic piece or a whole set.