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Party Supply Checklist: How to Make the Party Amazing

There’s always a reason to celebrate someone or something, but you need a good party supply checklist to make sure you have all of the essentials. Whether you host a birthday for your children, or you create a low-key dinner party for couples, you want to ensure everything you need is ready before guests arrive. Most people gravitate towards choosing the appropriate presents for their guests first, since shopping for Christmas gifts or tokens of appreciation won't require much structure or planning. However, to make an event go smoothly, you need much more. 

Whether casual or formal, take the time to plan out the activities of your event, which shows you what kind of party supplies you need. Consider the number of guests you invited as you tally up the number of plates, cups, and chairs. Once you have a general idea of your event, get a party supply checklist together to make sure you leave nothing out. Every detail is important, all the way down to the take-home gifts that you offer as a "thank you" for attending.  

Inviting Your Guests

Before you even buy your first item, you need to start with invitations to get all the guests to your event in the first place. This makes them one of the most important party supplies to get. Choose invitations that reflect the theme of the get-together, if there is one. The tone of your event starts with the invitations, so guests know what to expect. Find stationery that conveys the theme, with something more playful for children's birthday parties, and a design with a more contemporary or traditional tone for an adult event, like a wedding or a dining engagement.

Set The Table

Make sure you add the dinnerware and related party supplies to your list since it will help you reflect the tone you expressed in your invitations. To mimic the colorful motif of a child's invitation, seek out plates with the same colors, or choose disposable plates to make it easy to clean up after. With an adult theme, there is a wide range of formal and casual place settings that match the tone of the event as well. 

Finding the right color and pattern for your plates simple, especially when there are so many glassware options available to match them. Look for party supplies for all types of drinks, like stemless wine glasses or pressed glass tumblers. Plan specific areas for your guests to pour their drinks at a bar cart or stand. Make sure you have enough shakers in your party supplies to create custom drinks. To keep guests from mixing up their glasses, include different glass markers to identify each one, or get different colored straws with your party supply checklist. As you prepare the dining area, tablecloths and cloth napkins are the perfect ways to enhance a formal atmosphere, even with a small group.

Decorations and Seating

The decorations and the furniture you use for atmosphere at the event play just as much of a role as the dinner plates and the invitations you put on your party supplies checklist. The decorations express the theme your invitations suggested, bringing the whole motif together. If you plan the event around a holiday or a specific occasion, banners are an easy way to enhance the theme. Take the opportunity to look for unique party supplies that make the venue stand out, like Christmas-themed mugs and vintage home decor. 

You also need to make sure you have enough seating and space for your guests. Whether you plan to have the event indoors or outdoors, you want to have enough chairs on your party supply checklist for everyone to have a place to sit.  To change up the motif, add an ottoman in the middle of each chair grouping, which serves as either a surface for plates and glasses or an extra spot to sit. Keep the seating near the bar, or add a mobile bar cart to each of the seating areas so guests won’t need to venture far for a refill.

Party Favors and Attendance Gifts

Even with all the time you spent to get the party supplies together, there would be no event without the guests. This is your opportunity to thank your guests for their time, using small tokens of gratitude like snacks or similar goodies. If you only have a few guests, splurge on some holiday gift baskets that reflect the theme and activities of the gathering, acting as a souvenir for the event. Find personal ways to add to the gift sets with a heartfelt card or a bottle of wine.

With the right party supply checklist, you make the whole process of planning super easy. Your guests will appreciate all your efforts, and you soon could have a reputation for throwing the most well-planned events in your group of friends. Even if you don’t know what theme you want to choose yet, start by coming up with the basic party supplies you need, and build upon those items with our vast selection of options.