DIY Party Tips: Easy Paper Decoration Ideas

Explore simple paper decoration ideas to find party decor that's both easy and affordable. Attractive paper decor will brighten your venue with eye-popping colors and patterns that are sure to impress your guests.

Buy Decorative Paper

Before you begin shopping for decorative paper, consider your party theme. Choose items with colors or patterns that express and enhance your intended image. Next, decide what kinds of decor you'd like to make. Table accents, wall decor and serving utensils are a blank slate. Customize these items and more according to your needs. Coordinating decorations at the entrance, on the serving table and along the walls give your venue a sense of unity. Play with colors, patterns and textures to find a combination you like.

When you're ready to buy decorative paper—trust us on this—be sure to purchase more than you think you'll need. If you make a mistake, it's easy to start again when you have the supplies close at hand. That's the joy of crafting with paper. Also, be sure to purchase scissors and adhesives, and remember the string for hanging your masterpieces.

Types of Decorative Paper

Decorative paper comes in many forms, including tissue, gift wrap, card stock, die-cut paper and party products. Use durable card stock and die-cut stationery to create invitations and thank-you notes. You can even create custom envelopes with small squares of paper and glue. When you're ready to host your celebration, choose from the many types of decorative paper to create a memorable party atmosphere.

Create trendy decor using gift wrap, tissue paper and ribbon. Then coordinate your serving supplies with your decorations to liven up your event space. Colorful party supplies such as plates, cups and napkins serve a dual purpose. Not only do they help manage refreshments and minimize mess, they also add visual interest to your venue.

Decorative Paper Ideas

DIY Decorations

Do-it-yourself party supplies allow you to design and create a one-of-a-kind bash that's both affordable and memorable. Not to mention, cleanup is a piece of cake. Check out these decorative paper ideas to help you get started crafting your unique celebration. 

Use wrapping paper to invigorate your event space:

  • Create colorful table runners and placemats
  • Line ordinary serving trays for a fun update
  • Craft tissue paper pom-poms, lanterns and garland
  • Shred decorative paper to make festive confetti
  • Cut fun shapes to make festive straw toppers
  • Construct a DIY pinata using paper mache
  • Create a photo booth using an interesting backdrop and fun paper shapes

You don't have to stop at gift wrap. Use labels to describe different dishes and beverages on serving and refreshment tables. Chalkboard labels are one of our favorites, letting you make changes as choices change or disappear. You can adorn the borders of the chalkboards with different colors and types of paper. Next, add pops of color throughout your party venue with vibrant ribbons and bows. Last but not least, create a festive vibe with DIY party poppers and blowers.

Premade Decorations

Of course, you can also buy decorative paper products to adorn your party space. We have a wide range of convenient premade products for you to choose from. Announce your theme with banners made of bold die-cut letters or vivid, patterned flags. Make your guests feel welcome with small gifts wrapped in bold designs. Use decorative paper favors, such as hats and blowers, to enhance your celebration. Finally, tie everything together with cups, napkins, plates and more in an endless array of colors.

Gifts and Decor

Think outside the box to design table accents that wow your guests. Enhance your space and provide special mementos for your friends and loved ones using paper-embellished gift sets with items they can use at home to throw their own parties. Try accenting your tables with gift towers, brimming with food and candy, and expertly wrapped in colorful boxes. Use smaller boxes with gift labels to act as personalized place markers. Lastly, create an impressive centerpiece using an elaborate gift basket. Purchase one premade or create one yourself. Fill a basket with shredded paper and treats, and then accent it with an eye-catching ribbon. Guests can help themselves to snacks from the basket as they mingle.

Finally, try incorporating several types of decorative paper into your party favors. For an intimate celebration, send guests home with a bottle of wine sporting an eye-catching, customized label. For a larger affair, wrap little gifts in bright tissue paper and string them across the room on a garland. Guests can choose a gift to unwrap before they leave. Looking to give your guests something to remember you by? Share your favorite beverage recipe on a label and attach it to a mug or wine glass. Gifts adorned with decorative paper express your unique style and show how much you truly care.

These decorative paper ideas make it easy to design a fun and memorable celebration. Explore unique and top-quality decorative paper items to create a party that's sure to impress.