Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2017

Bring the Indoors Out

Whether you're spending an afternoon lounging on your patio with a good book or chatting with friends and family while barbecuing, your backyard is like a living or family room. The number one trend for outdoor furniture is to create a living space outside, complete with area rugs, lamps, and ceiling fans.

Start by choosing furniture that fits the space you have to make it cozy. An outdoor living room is easy to create with a sectional sofa, an outdoor coffee table, and some outdoor accent furniture. Then personalize the space with special pieces to make it feel like an extension of your home. For example, plant stands make a great choice for holding art, drinks, or even a lamp for late nights on the patio.

To create some separation between outdoor areas, such as living and dining spaces, add a wooden screen. You can even buy a couple of screens to cordon off the grill or bits and pieces you don't want to show off in your backyard, such as a garden hose or pool toys.

You can pick almost any outdoor furniture style to mix and match and still stay within the trends of the season. Traditional styles mix well with nature-inspired pieces, and they keep the theme solidly outdoorsy. Clean lines and contemporary shapes also work well when paired with bold flower designs and tall green plants.

Create Separate Spaces With Different Seating Options

One of the best ways to jump into today's outdoor furniture trends is to create sections of seating. Place outdoor dining furniture in a screened or covered alcove for enjoying meals al fresco. Add an outdoor bar with bar stools by the grill so the cook isn't left alone.

While wooden screens efficiently separate spaces, feel free to get creative. A couple of hammocks are pleasant for lounging, but they can also set off your outdoor dining furniture from your sectional seating area. Line up bar stools to create a clean line between the grilling area and outdoor living space, or use them as places to set drinks or as extra seating if more people show up. Lots of outdoor furniture is useful for multiple purposes.

Outdoor FurniturePrimary FunctionOther Functions
BenchesSeatingSectioning, plant stands, extra surface space
Rolling bar cartsMobile barSectioning, plant stands
Outdoor storage chestsStorageSectioning, seating, extra surface space
Towel racksHolding towelsSectioning
Rows of bar stoolsSeatingSectioning, extra surface space
Plant standsPlantsSectioning, aesthetics, extra surface space

Elevate Your Outdoor Space From the Ground Up

An outdoor rug isn't your only option for giving your outdoor furniture ideas a foundation. You can also choose interlocking deck tiles to create a square or rectangular space to fit everything. Outdoor furniture sizes usually fit a small space, so you should be able to arrange everything on top of those tiles.

Go all the way with these outdoor furniture ideas by adding a fire pit. A cozy fire on a cool night means you can enjoy your outdoor living space earlier in the spring and later in the autumn. Plus, who wouldn't want outdoor furniture that makes it easy to make s'mores whenever you want them?

Elegance With Wicker

If you're looking to stay within the outdoor furniture trends of the season, you can't go wrong with wicker. Outdoor wicker furniture is making a big comeback with traditional chairs and sofas, but you can find contemporary wicker furniture too, such as wicker sectionals. Look for large-weave wicker in outdoor seating and lounge furniture -- it's big this year. So are brightly colored wicker pieces.

Whichever outdoor furniture trends you choose when decorating your backyard, you should aim for a cohesive look, just as you would indoors. Your patio is simply an extension of your house; think of it as an extra room.

Multifunctional pieces mean you can have the extra seating or surface space you need when you have friends and family over. Update your outdoor space for 2017 with these clever outdoor furniture ideas and make your patio as cozy and stylish as your home.