Outdoor Furniture Tips for Year-Round Use

Making the decision to decorate your patio and backyard is a wonderful way to extend your personal touch to every part of your property. Most people set up their patio with outdoor furniture to provide seating for themselves and guests to use for barbecues and relaxing nights when the weather turns warm. However, it’s much easier to have seating that remains outside, instead of bringing chairs out with every celebration.

With so many types of unique outdoor furniture, you don’t want to rearrange everything every time there is rain, snow, or other changes in the weather. You need furniture for year-round use, which requires a little research and a general idea of the way you want the backyard to look. Luckily, there are a few ideas to keep your patio ready for entertaining on any day of any season with beautiful outdoor furniture.

Choose the Right Material

The most important decision that you make while choosing outdoor furniture is the material. While you want designs that set your home apart from others, the material will determine how well the furniture will stand up to a variety of weather conditions. While plastic is often the least expensive material, you want to have a patio that looks balanced and put together, rather than overly relaxed. That’s why for the best outdoor furniture, you need to choose a material with a little more class and elegance.

Stainless steel is one of the most heavy-duty materials available, which is one of the reasons it is perfect for outdoor furniture, especially if the fixture is relatively permanent. There’s no risk of fading in color, and the material has the best resistance to rust. Since stainless steel is neutral, accent it with pillows and cushions during good weather. Wrought iron has many of the same qualities but needs protection to reduce the chance of rusting.

If you want a more charming and softer appearance, the most durable outdoor furniture is resin wicker. This material is a favorite among exterior decorators since it has all the functionality that stainless steel and wrought iron provide but it’s much easy to rearrange for a fresh look for every season. Outdoor wicker furniture comes in many colors and shapes for every type of decor, from French country to southern barbecue, depending on what you want. All you need to do is choose the color that suits your space the best.

Consider Weather Conditions in Your Area

Even with the benefits and concerns of the above materials, it’s important that you understand the weather in your area when you choose outdoor furniture. Even with an awning that covers various seating or dining furniture pieces, you still need to consider the current climate.

Anyone that experiences humidity in their area may want to use outdoor furniture that withstands this level of wetness. The most susceptible material to rain and humidity is wicker, but there are plenty of styles nowadays that coat the material with a weatherproof and waterproof seal, protecting it from damage for longer. Even if you choose furniture that is not waterproof, you can still protect it with the right preparation.

If you live in a desert area, almost any material is safe from damage. Unfortunately, in the heat, you want a material that stays cool, like wicker resin. If you choose metal or wrought iron, protect yourself with a blanket or light-colored cushion that keeps your outdoor furniture cool. 

Even windy cities and countryside homes need to choose outdoor furniture materials that withstand the gusts that can flow through a yard. With plentiful storms bringing fast winds through cities all year long, the normal climate at your home will dictate if heavy wrought iron or lightweight wicker is best for you. Consider the various seasons and their changing conditions to determine if you need a material that withstands rust or requires more weight to resist the wind.

Use Furniture Covers

Covering outdoor furniture during mild to moderate weather conditions is one of the best ways to protect it, despite the stability and durability of the pieces you choose. While a tarp for coverage may suffice as a temporary fix, you want a cover that is water-resistant and fitted to each specific piece. This protection is important for older outdoor furniture that doesn’t have a finish on it, or for materials with a susceptibility to rust. Wrought iron and stainless steel may be at the greatest risk, which is why you need to cover every piece of outdoor accent furniture between uses.

The key to using your patio furniture year-round is protection. Whether that comes as a natural benefit of the material or you need a cover, creating a backyard motif that you can use year-round is the most cost-efficient and aesthetically-pleasing arrangement. Every piece matters, which is why it’s important to learn about different outdoor furniture options. Recreate the beauty of your backyard with the latest looks in the industry, starting with outdoor seating and lounge furniture to relax in.