Outdoor Furniture Tips for Maximizing Your Area

From creative dividers to bright color palettes, there are a lot of ways that outdoor furniture can maximize your space's potential. Whether you're renovating a patio or adjusting to a new outdoor area, it pays to keep some simple tips in mind. These surefire options can change a section's size or shape, allowing you to use the space differently.


Make a Sectional Sofa the Focal Point of the Outside Area

A sectional sofa combines the benefits of a sofa and loveseat to create a convenient seating option. The L-shaped piece gives the appearance of added space when placed in the center of a deck, patio, or terrace. Its versatile design also cuts down on the need for additional chairs.

Choose White or Similar Colors to Create the Appearance of a Large Space

This common rule for interior rooms can also work in outdoor areas. Whether set against natural wood grains or among painted spaces, the white tone of high-quality outdoor furniture offers a bright, vivid color that seems to expand the area's dimensions. A great example of this is outdoor wicker furniture made for smaller spaces. Other shades of white, such as cream or ivory, may also provide the full effect, influencing the overall illusion.

Every Size Can Make a Difference

You may think there's only one outdoor furniture size that is appropriate for your terrace, patio, or lawn, but in most cases, a combination of small, medium, and even large pieces can provide a contrast that matches any style. For larger selections, try to choose just one stand-alone option and let smaller pieces encircle it.


Use Baker's Racks or Outdoor Cabinets as Dividers

A baker's rack is a surprisingly useful option for sectioning off spaces. The open design, which often features metallic materials and wire rack elements, can hold fun accessories or your favorite plants. Place several racks together for an added effect or try them as bookends for other pieces like exterior tables, ottomans, or benches. Outdoor cabinets offer a more closed design, if you want to completely block off other areas. These large storage pieces also make ideal selections when you want more privacy.

Set Up a Bench Between Spaces to Provide a Sense of Openness

Seating areas can be a great bridge between various spaces. When transitioning between covered and uncovered outside areas, a bench can help you showcase a motif without losing the view from windows or open sections. Both cushioned and bare outdoor furniture selections from this category accentuate the look, and it's helpful to add a cushion or pad for maximum comfort.

Turn a Dining Table Into a Versatile Divider for Smaller Spaces

Be sure to give special attention to dining furniture, no matter how big or small an outdoor spot is. Square or rectangular tables make a great choice for smaller spaces that you need to completely or partially cut off from other areas. Use this outdoor furniture option as a spot for accessories like photo frames, art pieces, or even your best gardening tools.


Look for Go-To Pieces

An ottoman can take on several forms. Its most common use is to prop up your feet while enjoying outdoor seating and lounge furniture. For larger gatherings, it acts as a seat when you have limited space. When it comes to storage, think about outdoor furniture pieces such as sofas, loveseats, and chairs that feature hiding places under the cushions or along the bases. Also, consider how comfort impacts your multitasking. For example, outdoor futons combine the comfort of sofas and beds into one water-resistant frame. When guests come by, they can become a fun choice for overnight stays or just a spot to unwind after a busy day.

Don't Be Afraid to Use Traditional Furniture in Unexpected Ways

Think about ways you can transform conventional outdoor accent furniture and seating options into special items. For example, an Adirondack chair can become a planter by adding a few potted plants. During parties or other gatherings, add string lighting or turn it into a spot for casual or formal accessories related to a party's theme. Tables can be one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor furniture collections. Easily turn smaller bistro tables into side tables for your larger outdoor sofas, or transform coffee tables into works of art with the help of water features or statues.


Keep Dining Areas Separate From the Rest of the Space

It's important for food hygiene, as well as comfort, to separate dining areas from other parts of the deck or patio. The placement is not just about food location though, larger tables for relaxing after meals need enough space to comfortably partner with benches or chairs. You need room on every side to slide seats away from or closer to the table.

Use Furniture to Manage How People Move Throughout the Area

Outdoor furniture offers an easy way to oversee how people navigate your patio or terrace. Use seating or tables to push traffic through an even line across the area or create a unique pattern that reflects elements such as safety and privacy. Bar stools and the bar itself are ideal choices for every foot traffic pattern, but keep in mind, guests might stop to sit or grab a drink.

Simple choices like color and placement can help you, especially when it comes to how to choose outdoor furniture to make the most out of any space. By using these tips, as well as your own sense of style, it's easy to maximize an area's potential. Find the perfect pieces for your outside space and discover our durable selections from the world's best artisans.