As the sun begins to stay out late to play, so should you! We've put together the best Outdoor Guides to help you create your best summer yet. Learn how to make the most out of your backyard, porch or patio. Check out our 10 outdoor tips for maximizing your area and find the best type of outdoor furniture for your space.

Wicker furniture adds a cozy, rustic look to your backyard, and we can show you how to buy it. We've got tips on arranging your wicker furniture, how to mix and match with other furniture styles and how to accent your space with outdoor cushions and throw pillows. You can even discover stylish outdoor rugs and let us show you which outdoor rug size will work to complete the look.

Whether you're working with a small outdoor space like a patio or porch, or you love to entertain and dine outdoors and BBQ on the grill for Sunday family fun, we can help make your outdoor area feel like a sanctuary. We've got best-of-the-best lists for you, as well as unique ideas for your lawn furniture, outdoor decor and outdoor lighting. You can discover everything you want to know about outdoor furniture and style, so you'll be sitting pretty all season.