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Complete Your Bedroom with Dreamy Nightstand Designs

When you're dreaming up nightstand ideas for your room, you're not just thinking about a piece of bedroom furniture. You're also looking for a table that can hold your collection of unread books, your water bottle for middle-of-the-night sips and tissues for that sad movie watched before bed. It's where we keep everything we need to relax and unwind while getting ready to sleep. We recommend looking for creative nightstands that complement the other fixtures in the bedroom and keep important items nearby. Compare these quirky and attractive nightstand options to find one that's exactly your style.

Eclectic Carved Wood Nightstand Ideas

You're looking for creative nightstands, but you want something with a timeless, classic feel. A carved wood option could be exactly what you need. These artisan-crafted pieces offer the stability and longevity of wood, and the appealing aesthetic of detailed carvings. Wooden bedside tables have a natural feel and appearance, and bring an element of the outdoors to your space. We especially love the look of a wood-carved nightstand in a soothing, neutral-toned bedroom.

No matter what type of color scheme a bedroom has, you can buy nightstands that complement it. Consider a deep espresso model for a dark, calming room or a whitewashed option that brightens the mood of the area when the sunshine floods in. These nightstands and tables add another level of texture to a bedroom with the little details that we all love.

Heavy Metal: Industrial-Style Nightstands

Maybe classic wooden design isn't your style. Perhaps you're more interested in a modern, utilitarian look. If you're all about sturdy design with an industrial feel, metal options could be the optimal nightstand ideas for you.

If the natural shiny finish of metal is too next-generation for you, look into embossed metal. A matte finish and detailed accents can bring a little bit of extra personality to the table, literally. We're also fans of the wood construction with metal accents look, a throwback to early 20th century urban functionality.

Accent nightstand ideas turn the concept of the traditional night table on its head. Consider creative nightstands with numbered drawers for an industrial vibe. We think metal nightstands are an eye-catching piece in a simply designed bedroom. They mesh well in bedrooms decorated with modern artwork and cool, neutral colors.

As an added bonus, metal is very easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal option for those who tend to be hard on their furniture.

It's So Hue: Colorful Accent Pieces

If you're in the market for creative nightstands that show off your quirks and really make a room feel like yours, colorful accent tables are an excellent style fix. Not everyone wants a calm, neutrally colored bedroom. If you can't get enough of bright colors in your home, check out nightstand ideas that include bold colors, intricate designs and attractive details. We can't get enough color, so we're big on this idea. These nightstands play well with neutral colors in bedroom furniture sets, turning a nightstand into a focal design piece. You can also look for models that dial up the colors found elsewhere in the room, creating a harmonious vibe that carries throughout the entire bedroom.

Great Glass Topped Tables

When you're trying to make the most of limited space, simple pieces do a lot to open up a room and make it feel welcoming. Small spaces furniture options often use minimal design elements and colors to avoid making a space feel crowded.

For small space nightstand ideas, consider glass-topped tables. This simple, elegant design option offers plenty of surface space without making the space next to the bed feel cluttered. These models can be smaller than some other nightstand models, so they're ideal options for those of us who like to keep just a few items at our disposal.

If you buy a nightstand with a glass top, look for other decorative accents that add flair to the piece. Some tables have arrow-shaped table legs, while others feature ornate carvings at the base. Few glass-topped tables have drawers or shelves, making them an excellent option if you want a minimalist design.

Nifty Nightstands for Extra Storage

Another way to make the most of a small space is to add storage wherever possible, and many creative nightstands give you the ideal place to store items away and minimize visual clutter. Some creative nightstands for extra storage have multiple drawers and shelves, and some have a mix of both for personalized storage solutions. We love the convenience of nightstands with extra room for books, skin care products and snacks we aren't willing to share.

Keeping items out of sight and creating a streamlined appearance is easy with nightstands that have multiple drawers. If it's more important to you to keep items easily accessible, consider nightstands with open shelves. Our experience is that open-shelved nightstands give bedrooms an open, inviting feel.

Exploring nightstand ideas means thinking about the space you have available, as well as how you want to use it. Check out the variety of material options available for bedside tables and consider which options fit the theme and color scheme of your bedroom. The nightstand ideas you choose have to keep items organized, but beyond that, they need to enhance your little retreat from the world. Whether you're into bright colors or neutrals, minimalist designs or detailed patterns, we have options for every space and theme.