I Now Pronounce You: 10 New Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Finding new gift ideas for a couple who has just married just takes a little creativity. Registries make it easy to buy presents for newlyweds, but you may want to rebel and shop off that list. There's also the chance the couple didn't register for anything. Have no fear, there are plenty of unique new gifts for you to shop for, but first, you need to consider a few things.

How well do you know the couple? If these are good friends of yours, then you may just need a few suggestions to get the ideas flowing. Or maybe a list of cool new gifts could help you pick out just the right thing. You'll have to decide whether you want to buy separate things for each person or get a combined present for the couple.

You can go practical with new gift items for a newlyweds' home, or you can celebrate their love and union with more personal sets and ideas.

New Gift Ideas to Delight Newlyweds

1. Games: One of the best things about getting married is that you now have someone to play board games with any time you want. A decorative chess set is not only a fun gift but also a thoughtful piece for the couple's home. Be inspired by their love of each other and a good time and look for a silly board game to give.

2. Fill Their Kitchen: If you think everyone else is going to get the utilitarian items for the couple's kitchen, go for the unique new gifts that they won't get from anyone else. A special teapot, a beautifully designed set of serving spoons, or colorful kitchen towels are all great ideas.

3. Pre-made Gift Baskets: You can find so many different kinds of gift baskets that could be the best new gifts the newlyweds receive. Cooking may be the last thing on the couple's mind after exchanging vows, so a basket full of snackable goodies helps give them an excuse to not step foot in the kitchen after the wedding. There are also themed new gift baskets that can help set the tone for their honeymoon. Shop for spa baskets, destination-themed boxes, and so many more.

Create Your Own Gift Basket Full of Cool New Gifts

Presents for newlyweds are sort of like thank you gifts to the couple for including you on their big day, and you can respond with pretty presents like cake stands, plants, or boxes of cookies. To make one of those gifts even more special, create your own basket or box of treats for the couple.

4. DIY Gift Basket: Pick out a basket you like, choose all the things that you want to include, and then wrap it up with cellophane, and tie it off with a bow. Need a few ideas for creating the best new gifts?

Little Luxuries

Sweet 'n Salty

Happily, Ever After

Breakfast in Bed

Boxes of chocolates

Candied nuts

Champagne flutes

Ground coffee

Gourmet cheeses

Caramel popcorn

Sparkling wine

Matching mugs

Tiny bottles of wine

Anything salted caramel

Scented candle

Scone or pancake mix

Soft blanket

Chocolate-covered pretzels

Chocolate-covered berries

Decorative tray

Unique New Gifts for Newlyweds

5. Winter Survival Kit: You're unlikely to see this unique gift idea on a newlyweds' registry. Buy cozy blankets, hot cocoa mixes, mugs, and fluffy slippers for two. Does the couple have a dog? Include a matching dog sweater, too.

6. Summer Picnic Kit: You could combine some gift sets with a couple of other new gift items to create a super present for your married friends. Get a cheese board with knife set, and then get some gourmet cheeses, wine, glasses, a wine key, a blanket, and wrap it all up in a pretty basket or box.

7. Terrarium: Potted plants are still given as gifts, but one of the coolest new gifts is a tiny terrarium. You can buy all the bits and pieces, such as the glass holder, moss, and plants, and let the new couple put it together for a fun couple's project, or find one that's already designed and ready to give.

Classic and New Gift Ideas for a New Couple

8. Scents of Romance: This is one of those presents that never goes out of style. Put together a combination of scented candles, incense, lotion, and bubble bath to create a spa set to stoke romance between the couple. Consider buying small sizes to create a travel pack for the newlyweds who are traveling on their honeymoon.

9. Wine Lovers: It's easy to give a bottle of wine, but go a few steps further to create a starter kit that includes a corkscrew, wine stoppers, and glasses. Take it over the top by adding a unique aerator and beautiful wine rack.

10. Barware Set: Help a new couple get their bar stocked with more than just the alcohol. You can find some cool new gifts, such as barware collections, that fit a variety of styles. Fill in with fun shot glasses, cocktail shakers, bar tools, and even some cocktail recipe books.

Buying presents for newlyweds is easy when you have an arsenal of ideas ready to go. Whether you know the couple well or not, get out there and shop with confidence for the best new gifts for them, and get ready to buy more for the next couple to exchange vows.