Must-Have Patio Furniture for an Unforgettable Summer

The sun is out and the grill is clean, so summer is in full swing, but is your patio furniture ready for the season of fun? There are some essential pieces that every backyard needs, and if you aren't sure where to start, you'll benefit greatly from browsing the available patio furniture collections. And, don't forget the hot-weather necessities, such as umbrellas, fire pits, and other accessories.

To start, look at your patio right now and see what it's missing. If you need shade, more seating, or a place to lounge after a dip in the pool, then you want to start shopping for the best patio furniture that'll last you years. Even if you only want to buy classic outdoor furniture, you can pump up the style for the summer with one-of-a-kind pieces.

Once you know what style patio furniture you want, how much space you're working with, and which backyard problems need solutions, then you're ready to go over the must-have patio furniture pieces you need right now.

Essentials: Seating and Surfaces

If you're only interested in the basics, then you want to stick to sets, like bistro sets or outdoor dining furniture. There are plenty of options when it comes to patio furniture, so feel free to create your own set by buying a table and chairs separately.

Seating is obviously essential, but the types of seating are varied. Adirondack chairs are perfect for lounging, and they're typically made of solid wood, so they'll hold up over the years; they're probably some of the most durable patio furniture you can find. Dining chairs are necessary if you plan to dine al fresco at any time. If you want to make your patio as comfy and cozy as possible, consider a cushioned sectional.

Don't forget tables for your patio. You'll need at least one dining table if you're grilling so people have somewhere for plates and flatware. Otherwise, be sure to pick up a coffee table or side table so guests have a place to set down glasses.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. This is why patio furniture collections are such a great option. Have a look at both outdoor dining and outdoor living sets to see what fits best in your recreation space.

Patio Furniture Collections

What's Great

What's Missing

Outdoor Dining Set

Seats 4-10; good for dining outside; durable and weatherproof.

Coziness; comfort.

Outdoor Living Set

Seats 4-8; good for conversation, cocktails; durable and weatherproof; cozy and comfortable.

Space for dining; personal space.

Sunsets and Cocktails

One of the best things about warm weather is the different types of parties you can host and the corresponding furniture for them. A cocktail party isn't the same without a bar, and you can find lots of portable outdoor bar options. Add a couple of barstools and some cocktail napkins and you have a separate seating area, too.

Throw an outdoor rug out back and add some all-weather patio furniture for an outdoor room that's as cozy as being indoors. You'll discover that the most durable patio furniture is often also the most comfortable.

Loving summer and all the outdoor activities doesn't mean you also have to like the bright colors that backyard furniture usually comes in. You can find dark, elegant pieces, such as espresso patio furniture, that fits your style and patio design. Brighten this furniture with boldly patterned and colored throw cushions that add a lush look.

Pieces You Didn't Know You Needed

Celebrating summer in your backyard isn't just about buying patio sets; it can be as simple as adding a hammock. This is a great place for a nap or to swing slowly while enjoying a good book, and it doesn't take up extra space.

In fact, you can keep a storage chest underneath your hammock or tucked away in a corner. It falls under the must-have patio furniture category because it does double duty. You can store pool toys, outdoor pillows, or towels in there, and it can be used as extra seating.

To supplement your patio seating, consider purchasing folding patio furniture. From benches to bistro sets, these pieces are great for keeping in storage until more guests show up. Then you simply take them out, unfold, and you have enough for everyone.

Extras, But Still Essential

If you're worried about missing out on a single ray of sunshine, buy fully assembled patio furniture so you don't spend your time putting everything together. Some essential pieces may require a little assembly, but there's not a whole lot of work involved in sticking an umbrella in a stand.

When the sun sets, warm things back up with a fire pit. It's a great piece for making s'mores or roasting hot dogs. In addition to the must-haves in outdoor furniture, you should also buy outdoor-ready tabletop essentials, like acrylic dinnerware and flatware sets.

Whether you want to host a pool party, cocktail party, formal gathering, or a casual night of barbecue and s'mores, the best patio furniture can help make every outdoor affair on your back porch or deck a successful one. Shop our extensive collections for comfortable, durable, and attractive pieces that fit your style and your outdoor party.