9 Must-Have Birthday Gifts for the Spa Lover in Your Family

Your loved one looks forward to that special time away at the spa, so you want to give them some must-have birthday gifts to feel that experience at home. To make a great present, discover your family member's favorite aspects of the spa and then find matching products. Giving a relaxing spa atmosphere is possible with just a few simple items.

Create the Atmosphere

1. Candle Collections

Help set a relaxing mood by giving a birthday gift collection of candles. These sets group together several candles according to scents, colors or scenes. Destination candle collections create a relaxing setting by releasing warm aromas that bring to mind a specific location, such as a beach sunset or a spring floral garden. Glass filled jar candles in the style of vintage apothecary containers provide a strong glow of light and a longer burn to release more scents over time. You can find them in traditional fruity aroma combinations like eucalyptus mint or for more modern birthday gifts, tropical island flowers. Small colored votive candles work well in or on more modest areas like a vanity or the side of a tub.

You can get birthday gift tips for making your own candle collection for your recipient by selecting items that remind you of their favorite floral arrangement. Find corresponding hues and smells that invoke a pleasant floral bouquet. You can also find additional birthday gifts by occasion to create a combination package present.

2. Gift Baskets Have It All

If you want to give a grand present that includes a little bit of everything from the spa experience, consider the modern birthday gift of a gift basket. You'll please anyone with assorted skin cleansing products, scented lotions and beauty items for the hands and feet. Join recent birthday gift trends when you give a simple small package of pleasing pillow sprays created from essential oils, such as lavender aromatherapy, which freshens up the room and invites relaxation.

Unwind in the Bath

3. Soaps and Body Washes

Your spa enthusiast family member may enjoy soaking in a warm bath to relax. You can help make that experience when you give one of our special birthday gifts like perfumed soaps and body washes. Soap flower petals come in a variety of tones and accent any bathroom decor. If you know the decor well, select one hue or buy a multicolored pack for further flexibility in the room. Your family member will enjoy admiring the soap and smelling it every day in the bathtub. Besides the soaps, body washes and scrubs also provide a pleasing foamy feel and scents. For a modern birthday gift, we suggest one of several unique varieties, like coconut coffee, which awakens the senses while also providing silky, smooth skin.

4. Bath Salts and Balms

You can also make your loved one's bath time calming with a variety of bath balms and salts that help loosen sore muscles. A birthday gift of natural sea salts combined with pleasing aromas rejuvenates both tired skin and spirits. An apothecary blend of citrus and essential oils is sure to perk up the senses, too.

Pamper the Body

5. Bathrobes

Giving a soft terrycloth robe to your favorite spa-loving family member lets them rest in comfort for the evening after a nice warm soak. Here's a birthday gift tip: make a pretty present by selecting several of our soaps and body washes and placing them together in a paper-lined floral print gift box, along with a set of swirled bath towels and a robe with slippers.

6. Beauty Masks

Allow your spa lover to experience the full treatment with skin care birthday gifts you present. Asian facial beauty masks in several soothing styles provide skin exfoliation with cooling properties extracted from natural elements, like cucumber, coconut and avocado. 

7. Skin Care Kits

It's not just the face that should be baby soft; your spa fan can scrub their hands and feet to smoothness, too. For a must-have birthday gift, purchase or create a foot care kit with a pumice stone, scrubber, file, and nail trimmer that has it all for making feet feel fine. 

8. Tea Sets

You can enhance the spa experience with special birthday gifts that engage all the senses with one of a few gift sets featuring flavorful teas. For an international spa feel, buy an Asian tea set that includes an iron pot and small bento cups. If your family member prefers an English feel, you can give a three-piece porcelain tea set along with a boxed set of British teas in assorted flavors that ensure an enjoyable teatime. They can relish in the beverage while soaking in the bath or relaxing and waiting for a face scrub to work its "magic."

9. Chocolates

Pair a calming cup of tea with luscious chocolate for some sweet birthday gifts. Add a box of creamy European chocolates for your recipient to enjoy in the tub or by themselves while lounging in a cozy bathrobe.

A relaxing spa environment is close to home for your family member when you choose to buy must-have birthday gifts from our selection of spa products. You'll be giving your loved one a special gift that lets them recreate a truly enjoyable spa experience.