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Must-Have Bedroom Furniture to Maximize Your Small Space

No matter how big or how small an area is, it can easily become stylish and comfortable thanks to the right bedroom furniture. In fact, you can upgrade almost any room in your home with these pieces. Up the comfort levels and appeal of sitting areas and outdoor patios with choices from this category.


Beds are the most commonly thought of pieces when it comes to bedroom furniture. Frames make the difference when assessing options for a small space. While canopy beds work well in areas with higher ceilings, platform beds prove to be an all-star selection. The platform design can be used with a headboard or on its own to create a distinctive spot for relaxation. A corrosion-free platform frame also makes a great addition to patios or outdoor seating areas. Simply use outdoor pillows and cushions to finish the look.

Bed Frame MaterialsBenefitsMatching Decor
MetalMetal frames are highlighted among lists of must-have bedroom furniture. The number one reason for this material's popularity comes from its strength. Colder tones of polished steel make frames a focal point. Both iron and brass showcase an antique or aged quality. In most of its incarnations, metal brings in light and gives the illusion of a more open space.
Rustic decor and darker wooden pieces match brass' warm, red hues. With oxidation, its worn appearance is also perfect for country-oriented styles.
SteelModern and contemporary decor often feature steel. Stainless steel or polished frames complement subtle white colors prominent in minimalist themes.
IronWrought iron's older appearance works with traditional styles, including shabby chic's trend-setting bedroom furniture
WoodWood is a time-tested material that is durable and easy to change. Any frames utilizing wood offer quick repair options. The material's structure also lends itself to intricate designs. It emphasizes a comfy small room space.
CherryCherry use in classically styled pieces comes from its popularity in other decades. Mix and match its sumptuous color with newer pieces or stained woods with bold hues.
OakOak's honey color scheme is light enough to work with a range of styles, including transitional styles.
MapleFrom colonial classics to modern coastal palettes, maple's lighter tone works well with an array of popular themes. It's commonly seen with staining that darkens its tone, so lighter decor provides a pleasant contrast.

Chairs and Other Seating Options

A chaise is a popular seating option in a traditionally sized bedroom, but its appeal also extends to any small-space seating arrangement. If the space has one distinct corner, place a chaise against both walls. It creates a stylish effect and offers a great place for a nap. Try a few vanity stools placed in a scattered pattern as part of your must-have bedroom furniture. In many cases, they offer a fun spot for conversation during gatherings and parties. Longer bedroom stools are a versatile choice, especially if someone plans on grabbing a bite to eat while sitting there. Versatile bedroom storage furniture such as ottomans provide many of the same comforts, while providing a safe spot to hide important items.

Vanity Tables and Side Tables

Vanity tables offer an exciting bedroom furniture choice that can extend the illusion of open space. Versions with a mirror or mirrored accents seem to elongate the area and provide more depth. Place one against a wall, and use it for whatever your imagination can conjure up. Side tables are a staple of most bedroom furniture collections. When it comes to small spaces, look for other uses for side tables. They can become storage cabinets or even desks if they're tall enough. If their doors open outward, consider leaving them open to turn the table into a showpiece for collectibles.

Surprising Additions

It pays to think outside of traditional pieces and uses. Look for furniture as well as bedroom beds that define the space or bring the room together for a snug fit.

BookshelvesBookshelves hold everything from books to clothing.Turn it into your closet, and show off your favorite pairs of shoes.
Coffee TablesCoffee tables offer an excellent alternative to traditional tables.Place one at the end of the bed for a surprising combination of bench and side table pieces. 
Wine RackWine racks are not just for the kitchen. Introduce a wine rack into the space for a look that complements any type of decor.Add decorative touches or create a surprising storage space for any item.
Pie SafesPie safes are commonly seen in pantries or similar spaces, but they provide a classic look for retro or rustic themed sets.Farmhouse or country styling can benefit from this traditional storage space. More than one safe placed along a wall can create a sense of added dimensions.

Bedroom furniture can make a difference in even the most limited spaces. Must-have bedroom furniture pieces offer all of the benefits of a traditional bedroom, while taking an area to the next level of style and functionality. Compare pieces now to find exciting additions that are sure to breathe new life into even the smallest rooms.