Finding a Modern Furniture Collection That Will Meet Your Needs

What's Your Room's Size?

When choosing a furniture collection, it's always important to look at the size of the space as well as of the pieces themselves. Modern styling often relies on distinct edges and angled pieces that require a more careful fit to help the room reach its full potential.

Room SizeGreat PiecesWhy They Work in this Space
Small Compact sofas, end tables, ottomans with storage spaceA small wooden modern furniture seating arrangement still showcases modern motifs, while ottomans make it easy to store your valuables.
MediumOne large piece, such as a full-size sofa, or benches and entryway tables
Several smaller pieces, such as accent chairs
Benches are an all-purpose alternative to standard seating arrangements, especially for dining rooms. Entryway tables also provide an interesting twist on coffee tables.
LargeSectional sofas, coffee tables, dining tablesThe standout design of modern sectional sofas makes them an excellent fit for large spaces. Modern takes on coffee tables and elongated dining tables take advantage of broader room sizes.

Are These Your First Modern Pieces?

Modern is one of the most popular furniture and decor styles in the world. It's characterized by simple, clean lines and shapes as well as colors that let these pieces blend into every room. Most items in this category favor muted or earth tones. For the full modern effect, choose wall coverings as well as accent pieces that stay in this color palette. Modern furniture collections highlight conventional materials, such as glass and wood. In terms of unconventional materials, recycled materials highlight the style's use of understated hues as well as natural fabrics.

Looking for Multipurpose Solutions?

Multipurpose pieces are practical and versatile, which is why many people prefer them even when space isn't limited. Many modern furniture collections offer pieces with storage options or pieces that can be quickly folded to make more space. Others turn from seating arrangements to sleeping areas in one quick step.

  • Storage Bench -  Benches are a versatile seating option. Modern furniture's sleek lines and understated tones make it easy for them to hide compartments.
  • Futon - Futons have long held a reputation of being a contemporary modern furniture staple. Guest rooms and living rooms can benefit from a well-placed futon. Use one as a sofa or pull it out for a comfortable bedding option.
  • Side Table - If you need a quick dining area for one person or a fun game space for friends, side tables may be the answer. They are easy to move and offer a range of storage choices. Versions with wheels or casters not only match the modern aesthetic, they also give these tables smooth, even movement.
  • Dining Table - A dining room table is more than just a place to serve your favorite meals. It's an integral gathering space for your family, which is why in many homes, the dining room table doubles as an impromptu spot for holding household meetings, working on art projects, and finishing homework assignments. Modern dining tables offer the space you need and come in materials that are often easier to keep clean than traditional alternatives.
  • Bookcase - Bookcases are useful for holding more than just books. Look for modern versions with large shelves that offer enough space for a tablet and other media devices to create a media center with a small footprint but lots of surface space. This type of furniture can also handle small laptops.
  • Ready to Mix and Match?

    Modern styles look attractive together, but can also look good when paired with contrasting elements. From new collections to pieces from other motifs, trying out types of modern furniture to produce your own unique design can pay off.  Also known as transitional styling, the practice is on-trend among interior decorators and designers. If you want to stay in modern collections, the choices are endless. For example, a handcrafted modern furniture collection with a table, chairs, and table lamps could work well next to a futon that turns the room into a special guest room when friends come over to visit. When you're setting up a home office or bringing a unique touch to your workplace, think about modern office furniture that combines pieces from different collections.

    The sleek, contemporary styling of modern furniture makes these pieces versatile. They can be subtle or striking based on the room they call home. Find the modern furniture collections that suit your space today.