Create a Worldly Look with Luxury Bedroom Ideas 

You want a bedroom that not only looks great, but also includes a unique statement about who you are and what you consider luxury, so let us give you some luxury bedroom ideas to help you get started. Look at your bedroom and decide what you want to replace, what needs updating and what can stay to work with your new design. Your bedroom can be a sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax or a space to stimulate creativity and imagination if you choose the right bedroom accessories.

If you have enough room for a sitting area, we think you can use this bedroom style guide to fill it out with the best pieces to make it look like you shopped around the world to find unique items. Keep in mind that no master bedroom is complete without a stylish bathroom, so consider some modern bathroom ideas, too.

You can buy pieces a la carte style, or you can get an entire bedroom collection. Use art, rugs and pillows to add interest to a furniture set and keep it from getting too matchy-matchy. We want you to know that the bottom line is that once you finish this bedroom style guide, you're going to be able to shop for the right furniture to complete the luxurious look you want.

Tempting Textiles to Get the Luxury Flowing 

We are all about decor that can do double duty in a bedroom, such as a faux fur rug. Pick out a sheepskin rug in white, ivory or gray and it can add texture to any sleeping quarters. Something is special about fur, even the fake stuff, creating a sense of extravagance while offering a warm landing for your bare feet in the morning. We like to think a little differently when coming up with luxury bedroom ideas, which is why we also suggest hanging a faux fur rug from a wall. It's an interesting statement piece, and it even offers a little soundproofing.

Do a quick bedroom checklist of the pillows and throws you currently have. How long have you used the same ones? One of the easiest ways to increase the elegance in your bedroom is to add some fun home decor and pillows. A velvet pillow in a colorful tapestry can satisfy several of your senses. Choose a few pillows of different sizes and designs, but in similar colors to ensure your design stays cohesive.

Create a Sitting Area of Indulgence and Relaxation 

We know how important it is to have the bedroom essentials, such as a bed, a dresser and maybe an armoire. However, to create that luxurious feel, it's all about the details. Make buying the basics easy by choosing a one-of-kind bedroom furniture collection, and then fill the empty spaces of your room with decor to complement.

One of our favorite ways to make this space a little more upscale is to add a chair, chaise lounge or daybed. Many of these bedroom furniture pieces come in the softest fabrics and have fabulous details, such as carved wooden legs.

Once you have all the furniture you want in your room, it's time for bedroom accessories. We love the idea of creating a reading nook in the corner of a room by adding a bookcase, books and a reading lamp. Add a soft throw and you have one of the best luxury bedroom ideas ever. You could add a few plants to bring some of the outdoors inside to breathe life into your design. If you don't have a green thumb, then faux plants are just as lively and could fool anyone.

Here are some other luxury bedroom ideas to help you turn your sleeping space into your favorite place in your house:

A Zen Spot

Writer's Place

Creative Corner

Music Studio

Scented candles


Colorful wall art

Decorative rugs

Buddha statue


Shelf table


Floor pillows

Laptop desk

Long desk

Floor poufs


Comfortable chair

Adjustable stool

Musical wall art

Complete Your Luxury Bedroom with Modern Bathroom Ideas That Wow 

Once you've finished your bedroom makeover, turn your attention to your master bathroom. It's somewhat amazing to see how bedroom wall art can transform the look of a bathroom. Pick smaller pieces because there's usually not a lot of wall space in bathrooms, and you don't want to overwhelm the space. You can follow our bedroom style guide for inspiration in decorating your bathroom, but it isn't necessary.

There's no rule that says you have to stick to "bathroom-approved" decor. Bedroom accessories such as brightly dyed porcelain jars, hand-painted vases and decorative hooks can work well in a bathroom. We have plenty of great ideas for home decorative accessories in a master bathroom. For example, a tall hand-carved wooden bookshelf looks luxurious in a bathroom, and it's the perfect place to store towels, bath products or scented candles.

After you make your bedroom checklist of what you need, what you want and what you must have, then it's time appreciate the work you've put into creating your worldly haven. We have plenty of options for your bedroom and your master bathroom, and you're sure to find the right items for your own luxury bedroom ideas.