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Create inviting ambience in the most used room of the house, the living room, with our Shop the Room guide. Bring the blush of nature, hues of indigo, textured neutrals or a modern eclectic vibe into your space. Get ready to fall madly in love with our living room furniture and decor selections at prices that allow you to add color and character to your home without breaking the bank.

A living room can serve many different functions, so it's important to have it represent your lifestyle and personality. We've got the latest living room furniture trends for you to explore and we've made it easy to give your space the update you want with our easy shopping guides. The warmth of a wood coffee table complements a mid-century sofa or loveseat in an inviting blush color, and you can add romance with textured throw pillows or an accent armchair. Styling your own modern retreat is easy. Mix bright colors and patterns for some modern eclectic style, opt for a geometric aesthetic and create sleek modern decor or choose a modern living room style which combines neutral base colors with versatile decor. Opt for a touch of global flair with our Serengeti- or Cape Town-inspired living room.

Create a chic living room that is absolutely different and all yours. Most importantly, make it cozy for everyone's enjoyment with our plush lumbar pillows, fuzzy sheepskin rugs and even glass lanterns. Discover our five bright ideas to light your home for even more ways to add depth and comfort to the space. We know how important the living room is for our city dwellers too, so we've gathered our ideas to create an urban escape you'll never want to leave. With our wide variety of affordable and unique furniture and decorative accessories, the ways to spruce up your space are endless.